The Dragon Companion

cover1.jpgThe Dragon Companion should be in bookshops (in Australia) next week (1st October). It is an A-Z encyclopedia of dragons.

black dog books has set up a terrific microsite for the Companion. It has some of the illustrations from the book. Here’s another one. Japanese column

There are extracts from the book as well. The extracts are all to do with Chinese dragons and it shows how the cross referencing works. It’s a bit like a link on a website that leads you to another place, except that you have to turn the pages of course!

If a word is highlighted in gold, that means there is an entry in the book with that name. For example if you come across the word “blood” printed in gold, you turn to the letter B and look for the entry by that name (I can’t make word gold on this blog!). There you’ll learn all about dragons’ blood.

Also wherever you see a golden dragon claw symbol there will be a list of other linked entries. You turn to the relevant letter and look for these entries.


9 responses to “The Dragon Companion

  1. Hi, this book looks interesting, would like to read it. Is it coming to the UK? GOTPD is great! Bye.

  2. Connor,
    No. No pix of Dragonkeeper. It’s mainly about dragons from mythology. Did you follow the link and have a look at some of the illustrations? They’re pretty good.

  3. Hello, thats a shame I would of liked to read it, I hope someone does publish it. I have finished GOTPD and cant wait for the third one. I hope you write more books similiar to DragonKeeper. I looked at your Ramose series, it looks similiar to Dragonkeeper, but based in Egypt. Bye!

  4. Danny,
    It doesn’t mean it will never be published in UK, just that we haven’t got a UK deal yet. It still might happen.
    There are no dragons in Ramose!

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