I’ve added a page of Frequently Asked Questions to this website. See FAQs in the menu. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to answer readers’ questions, it’s just that when I answer a comment on this blog, I do it off the top of my head and sometimes (particularly with the writers’ tips) I forget something. I’m still happy to answer other questions or talk about anything you might disagree with.

4 responses to “FAQs

  1. Will you be publishing any more books after Dragon Moon (in the dragon keeper seiries)? And, is it out in australia yet? 1 more question. How are the austrailian books different from the american ones?

  2. Grace,
    No, Dragon Moon is the last in the series. It’s been out in Aust since April.
    The US books are published by a different publisher so they put their own cover on it. They also change the spellings to US spellings.

  3. I am in primary school I would some tips on writing cause one day I would like to become an author as well you are my insperation.

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