Rita’s Hobbies

I haven’t done a post about my dog Rita for a while. She’s about 18 months old now and very smart.


Her favourite thing in the whole world is her ball. She is obsessed with it. She wants us to throw if for her all day long. While I’m at the computer I have to throw it down the stairs for her. She prefers to be outside with the ball of course and never gets tired of running after it. No matter how far you throw it.


She likes to swim after the ball in the river as well, even though the water is freezing.

pianorita.jpgJust lately, she has started walking up and down the piano when she wants to get our attention. So we like to think she’s musical as well. Her compositions are very contemporary, atonal pieces.


17 responses to “Rita’s Hobbies

  1. Carole,
    There could be a budding Mozart in your house
    WOW Rita loves her ball! does she have any more toys that she likes? do you take her to the beach? does she go into the ocean after her ball

  2. Carole,
    I forgot to mention I finished Dragon Moon and it is the best book series i have ever read i myself would have liked the ending to be a bit more cheerful but still great book Carole
    how many years have you been a writer now

  3. Connor,
    glad to hear that you liked Dragon Moon. I thought it was a happy ending!
    I have been writing for about 18 years and it is 11 years since my first book was published.
    Rita jumps up onto the piano stool. She’s very agile. She has other toys but her ball is her favourite. She likes the beach and the park. In fact she enjoys going anywhere.

  4. Aww, she’s so adorable. She also seems very talented too. Our cats are just lazy…and naughty. Clawing furniture, and jumping on the bench.

  5. Your dog is very talented aspecially when she jumps on the piano! Maybe ou should train her to play it! that would be very interesting. She must also LOVE her ball. I would never go in cold water to get that!

  6. Sarah,
    She is very talented, I think. Her latest trick is to play soccer with a larger ball. She is a great goalkeeper!

  7. My dog is crazy! Is yours? Mine can ride a skateboard.. not that well though.. I went to a circus yesterday, and I saw them doing every imaginable trick… WOW! I wish my dog could do what they did… some of them even went down a slide backwards…. lol

  8. Hi, i think your dog is adorable! I have a dog, he is naughty and is obsessed with food! When someone throws a ball at him he wont give it back!! My dog is terrified of water and when we take him to the beach he stays away the the water as much as possible! Your all talking about the ending of DragonMoon, which makes me want to read it even more! I havn’t read any other of your books, but would be nice if you made a good book which would glue me too it like DragonKeeper did, im not a big reader but when i read the first chapter i wanted to read on, and i think it was a great book! Bye.

  9. Danny,
    Rita loves water. She likes to swim even in winter.
    Have you read Garden of the Purple Dragon. That’s the second book in the Dragonkeeper series.

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