Dragon Moon bibliography

Carole’s Dragon Moon bibliography is now up at the Research section.

There’s also a link to it from the main Dragon Moon page.

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  1. I love your work and wish i could write as good as you!! I think that Dragonkeeper & garden of the Purple Dragon are such great books I haven’t read Dragon Moon but will try to get it today. I even think you shold make these books into moveis. Can’t wait to find out if Ping finds Danzi. p.s can you read the french book PLEASE REPLIE!!!!

  2. I love your work! i recently read dragon moon and it was awesome! The only fault was [plot spoiler removed]! I like it how you ended the series! Please write more books about dragons you don’t really know how talented you are! Please reply

  3. I love your work! i recently read dragon moon and it was awesome!
    I like it how you ended the series! Please write more books about dragons you don’t really know how talented you are! Please reply

  4. carol,

    don’t give up writting about ping

    I just had a cool idea

    what if master lan came for ping and tried to kill her with necromancer and lui chee

    anyway just a thourght

  5. hey Carole,
    im from Malaysia and can i noe when is the dragon moon book is coming out cuz i just read finish garden of the purple dragon in just 3 days(a record for me) and i really cant wait to read the final book!Keep up the good work and all the best…

  6. Hi Carole,
    just got the 3rd book yesterday and i was up to pg 4 in just 40 seconds i even flicked threw it to the end and i read the last page and i think the endiings sad…

  7. Hi Carole,
    I didn’t expect it to end so abruptly like that, in other words, I was somewhat surprised. I may have been oblivious or missed something, but what was the danger that stalks them? From what I read, there was no real threat besides the guards. The ending was quite sad, I didn’t really enjoy the permanent end to Ping’s adventurous life…

    Do you have any plans to create any more books with dragons in it? After reading the Dragonkeeper trilogy, I’m fascinated to read something made by you, with dragons in it.

  8. Connor, Nicholas, Lucy,
    I don’t actually think that the ending is sad. Connor, how can you spoil the ending like that!!!
    Nicholas, there was no “baddie” in the book, I didn’t want a repeat of the story in the first two books.
    But Ping knew that sooner or later someone would be after Kai. She knew that he would never be entirely safe.
    My next book will be all about dragons. It is a dragon encyclopedia. It went to press on Wednesday but won’t be out until October.

  9. Katrina,
    Glad to hear that you liked the ending. Some people do, some don’t. Can’t please everybody I guess.
    Re other dragon books see my previous comment.

  10. Dickson,
    I’m sorry. I can’t tell you when Dragon Moon will be out in Malaysia. I don’t have any control over these things. It should be soon I would think.

  11. Great Books!! You know what,,, i read garden of the purple dragon just in 2 days,,, you are a talented writer anyway,, is dragon moon already come up in Indonesia??? i will be waiting for it,,

    ooh,, one more thing,, your book has filled my loneliness,, thank you so much,,,

  12. =D Cool, idonesia too?
    Books are my best compaion! I find myself happy alone anywhere, just as long i have a book with me… ^^ It’s amazing.

  13. When will Dragon Moon be released in the United States??? Anxiously awaiting it. Was just able to get Garden of the Purple Dragon a few weeks ago. Thanks.

  14. Sarah,
    If I had a spare $20 million I would definitely make a film out of Dragonkeeper. Unfortunately I don’t. So I have to wait for a film producer to get in touch with me. And then it has to be someone I feel I can trust to look after Ping, Kai and Danzi.

  15. Ben,
    I just realised I haven’t answered your question. Sorry. Dragon Moon will be released in US July 2008.

  16. I have read all the books and my favourite was Dragon Moon. It was so cool! My favourite part is the part at the ‘new’ Dragon Haven. Please do not stop writing! I really want to read more! Do you think you could give me ordering information with the three books (I read them at libraries, i want them personally) and tell me about new ones?

  17. I am greatly inspired by your books,they seem very real.I also like the way you aim your books at a particula culture. I am Chinese,so I take a special interest in Dragonkeeper.I’m trying to write anovel myself recently.Any tips?

  18. Hello Carole I like all your books but there should be another book after Dragon Moon I reckon.

  19. hi carole!,
    i’ve read dragonkeeper and dragon moon. i love them and i’ve got my own book of dragon moon. i’m hoping to read garden of the purple dragon. i like it how you write your books and also my bakground is chinese.when i grow up , i want to be an author!!!

  20. Hi Carole!
    I’ve read all three of the Dragonkeeper series and I love them. I am Chinese also so it really appeals to me. Your descriptions of Kai are so awesome I have become attached to the little dragon and wish I could see him in real life. It would be so wonderful if the books were made into films that match the book and descriptions almost completely.

  21. Daniella,
    Thanks. A Dragonkeeper movie would be good, but I have to find a producer with millions of dollars first who wants to make it into a movie!

  22. you have insipired me. I love dragons and I always will, when I read a book I feel as though im at peace. Like im in a parallel world. Its great. My ambition is to be a writer someday. When I think of a good book I always think of The Dragon Keeper series. Also, I know a good setup for a movie when you see one. With the right directors, it would be a huge success! If not, it does noy matter, because in my mind books take you to places just like movies. You just have to paint a picture in your head.

    Your #1 fan,
    P.S. I have a feeling Dragon keeper will be a hit at the box office.

  23. Hi Carole I really Love your Books and I always love Chinese Dragons your Books shows Interest thanks for Being the Greatist Writer Ever!!!!!

    Your Biggest Number 1 Fan Jessica Brown

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