In Brisbane

It was 26 degrees in Brisbane, it felt like I was in a different country. Even though there’s a drought, the sub-tropical vegetation still looks amazing to a southerner like me. My hotel was across the road from the Roma St Park which was gorgeous.





Back in Melbourne it’s 15 degrees. But I’m not complaining, we have had some rain.

12 responses to “In Brisbane

  1. the pics are really beutifull i have often herd about amaizing nature of austrailia but never had the chance to visit there.

  2. It’s worth a travel-out, i reckon. And yeah, we’ve been coping on/off days of rain out here.

  3. Yes there are very nice plants in Brisbane, I live nere Brisbance at the moment, i also moved here from england 🙂
    Do you like Bonsai Carole? I have three at the moment; I think they are Fascinating.

  4. Oh ok, cool. That’s the bad thing about having them…putting a lot of time into them and then they die.

  5. that’s the same temperature as sydney at the moment.i’ going back to china for a holiday next january,i’m so happy!!!!!

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