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I’ve had some emails and blog comments from readers who are disappointed there won’t be another Dragonkeeper book. I think that three is a good number for a series, and I’m looking forward to writing something completely different.

Lydia asked me if I could recommend any other books for her to read. I don’t read a lot of books for young people myself. I’m a very slow reader and I always have heaps of books to read for research. Also I worry about picking up other writers’ ideas without realising it. However, my daughter Lili knows all about kids’ books. I asked her to come up with a list of books that people who enjoyed Dragonkeeper might like. This is what she said:

The Keys to the Kingdom series                  Garth Nix

Pure Dead series                                             Debi Gliori

The Chanters of Tremaris series                 Kate Constable

The Laws of Magic series                             Michael Pryor

Karazan Quartet                                             V M Jones

They all look terrific, I’m going to have to find some time to read them myself. (This list is pretty old. Ask other kids what they are reading. Or ask your librarian for suggestions.)

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  1. I actually have a suggestion as well. If you’re into the whole medieval thing, and the concept of women heroes (which Carole does so well), then I suggest Tamora Pierce. She’s a good American author, and i’m collecting her books as they come out. For the slightly younger audience, start with The Circle series (The start is The Magic in the Weaving). For the slightly more adult, start with The Song of the Lioness Quartet.

    And I agree – Keys to the Kingdom is really really good.

  2. Ooooh they look great!

    Another really good book is a book called “Magyk” by Anigie Sage!

    Thanks for the suggestion Carole I appreciate it!

  3. Hm. I’ll try the Keys to the Kingdom series.

    I’ve always wanted to read Tamora Peirce, but I don’t know which book to start with. I can’t figure out which one is the first book… but i’ll check it out.

  4. First book in Tamora’s series is “Alanna: The First Adventure”

    It’s worth it, I love it.

  5. Yes! The second series has a dragonet named Skysong. She’s adorable, but she’s more the form of the western dragons. But I love her. There are mythical beings all over the series!

    Have a read through the first part, cause all the magic and awesomeness doesn’t come in til later on.

  6. Krystal,
    Thanks for recommending Tamora Pierce. Alanna was the last book I read out loud to my daughter many years ago. I enjoyed it a lot.
    I’m glad you know so much about kids literature!
    Lloyd Alexander died last week (aged 83), so I’d also like to recommend his Chronicles of Prydain series.

  7. It’s not exactly children’s lit. I read it because it is more fantasy, which is something I really enjoy.
    Actually, now that I think of it, another good series to look into (if you like this sort of thing) is another Garth Nix series called The Seventh Tower. I enjoyed it, when I read it in high school.

  8. hi carole,

    the tittle of those story’s look cool!
    i think i should look for them and start

    p.s do you write any adults books

  9. The Chanters of Tremaris series are as awsome as dragon keeper series! They both have the things i love in it; tint of romance and adventure! xD Im trying to get my hands on the 3rd book like i did with dragon moon! ^-^
    Connor! I really recommend it to you!

  10. Carole,
    Are you planning on writing any more books with a similar element as found in the dragonkeeper series? If so, can you give us a title or a brief hint on the story line?

  11. Nicholas,
    No I have no plans to do anything similar. Not at the moment. I am having a break, then I will think about my next book, but I think it will be something very different.

  12. My heads buzzing from all the books you guys have suggested. Which of the above books are like the dragonkeeper trilogy? basically adventure, fantasy, female lead character and like Lucy said above, a hint of romance 😉

    Thanks. Much appreciated

  13. Link,
    I think that Tamora Pierc’s books fit that description and Kate Constables. But I don’t know about the others. Perhaps someone else will help you out.

  14. also a good seris for people who like old indean spiret stuff Try Cronicals Of Aceient Darkness By Michel paver IT’S AWSOME

  15. carole,
    I’m not into overly scary books what book out of those would be best?

  16. Maddison,
    I’m sorry, I haven’t read many of them myself (see the above blog post for why). You need to find a website that can help you. I am going to write a blog about one that I know of (see my latest blog), but I’m sure there are others. Sorry I can’t help you more.

  17. Maddison,
    As I said, I haven’t read them. You need to get in touch with other young readers. Have a look at my latest blog post called Inside a Dog.

  18. Keely,
    I haven’t read the books, but if you read the comments, someone said that there is a dragon in one of the Tamora Pierce books.

  19. Hi!

    I love your books! They are so awsome and Heard you are coming to New ZEaland and me and some other clases are going to see you!
    I really like the sound of Tamora Peirce’s books but have no idea what they are about 🙂
    Ill try to find out and read them just after I have finished the mountain of books waiting besdie my bed!

    Thanks, yours books are awsome!

  20. James,
    Yes I am going to NZ soon. So I will see you there.
    You can borrow a Tamora Peirce book from the library and see if you like it. That’s the great thing about reading, discovering new ones.

  21. Hi, Im new here so I don’t no anyone here. I was just wondering, since everyone says the Tamora Pierce series was really good, what is the order of the books

  22. MusicMaster,
    Look up Tamora Pierce on Wikipedia, it’ll have the order of the series there I’m sure.

  23. hi Carole,a little time ago, i read the “dragon keeper”series and i liked alot the 3 books, these books are the best ones i read in all my life!!! i want to ask you…

    what book you recommended to me???

    but I’m from Mexico and i don’t know if all your books are in Mexico??? tanks you 🙂

  24. Which book is nearly similar to the dragonkeeper triology. I loved this series so much i wanted to read books with a similar plot

  25. MusicMaster,
    I don’t know, I haven’t read them. You’ll have to do some research. I’m sure you’ll enjoy books with different plots too.

  26. I have an idea for the Dargonkeeper stories.

    Instead of what happens after Dragon Moon you could do a prequal (can’t spell it sorry) about what happened to Danzi before he met Ping

    Hope you like my idea enough to make this book.
    Missing reading about the Dargonkeepers


  27. i am really sad to hear that you will not be continuing the dragon keeper series. But why arn’t you? this story, plot, idea is the best i have ever ritten and believe me i have read alot, alot of books, to many to count!!!!

  28. Dragon Moon is still not out in Hong Kong yet:(…i kept on checking, but they said it’ll be out later…so, I guess I still have to wait..:(

  29. Although my favourite books are definitely Dragon Keeper, Garden of the Purple Dragon and Dragon Moon, some other books I really enjoyed are the Artemis Fowl books and the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. I live in Toronto (in Canada) so I’m not sure if you can buy them where you live.

  30. I also suggest Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It’s a great series based on modern Greek Mythology. It’s from a preteen/teen boy’s point of view and the author really made the boy act like a modern American kid. It’s a really awesome book.

    Carole, I absolutely loved your series. I was crying by the end of the last book and I couldn’t dry up until another hour. Everytime I think of your books I end up sobbing. I love your books!

  31. Ryanne,
    I don’t know why that is. Do you know which version you get in Hong Kong? British, US or Australian?

  32. Hi!!
    I love the Dragon keeper trilogy! Pleasssse write another one as you said 9 is an auspisious number.why not write 9 books?
    Im a quick reader i read your latest dragon moon in less than 2 nights (about 2 hours per night)
    I saw you at the sydney 2008 writers festival.
    Man …..i am so disapointed that you wont write another one. im not n to that keys of the kingdom series . Come(please) again to the writers festival. Everyone in the world i beieve lovez ur books.
    A message to anyone that has read thebook
    Post “Sakinah is sooo right” if you agree

  33. carole wilkinson rox
    my name is carol not wilkinson though
    but may be i’ll marry a wilkinson
    ???? ……one day
    lots of love

  34. i am aware that you , Carole do not want to write another book to the dragon keeper trigoly but your book have been so grat , l’ve read all your drangon keeper books in one go. They are very interesting but the way l ook at it reading something else , similar to yours make a contridition meaning im not interested in other others which similar book. Having a fouth dragon keeper book would be great for people who want furthur reading of it and it would also keep fans ingrosed which your books.

  35. Hello Carole,
    WOW!! what an amazing job you have done on your dragon keeper and all the books about dragons i think its awesome. My school the lakes p-9 school the year 5’s are reading dragon keeper we are all switched on in this class thank you for all the books congratz on the awards 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    love from your NUMBER ONE!! FAN keep up the good work!! xoxo

  36. Cornelius,
    I appreciate your comments, but I just don’t want to write another one in the series.
    The recommended books aren’t similar to Dragonkeeper, but books people who liked dragonkeeper also liked.

  37. I hope you change your mind and write a fourth Dragon Keeper its my favorite series and has a great storyline!!!!!! so please write another one!

  38. Mika,
    Well you see if I tried to write another one it wouldn’t have a great storyline. You have to be really enthusiastic about a story to write a novel. It’s hard work.

  39. dear carole,
    i loved your books on dragons!! but i cant seem to find a really good book to read. i love to read stuff about china. please can you recomened a book?

  40. I have to admit,fantasy is not my favorite type of books. I think its the history AND the fantasy that makes DragonKeeper so good. So can you write another history and fantasy book? Can you also make it fiction? How about write a book about a native american in the 1300’s? A native american sounds cool. Or even another book about a chinese dragon? Mabey one about Danzi’s ancestors. Or even one of Kai’s grandchildren.

  41. Ashlyn,
    I have to write what I want to write, I’m afraid. It has to be a story I’m really interested in myself, otherwise I would never sit there for a year writing it.
    I’m from Australia. I don’t know anything about Native Americans.
    I have ideas for my next three or four books. They are all historical novels. No fantasy.

  42. OK,I like history better than fantasy anyways. Is it going to be about Australian history? I really want to learn about your country.

  43. Ashlyn,
    No not Australian history. I’m not quite ready to talk about it yet. It’s too early. It won’t be out till 2010.

  44. I’ll just wait then. Now that I’m done with the DragonKeeper series I’m reading “The City of Ember”. And when I’m done I’m gonna watch the movie! And guess what? I’m on the third draft of my book! My friend loves it! even the the second draft. I’m calling it “The Gem of the Universe” for now. But I think I’m gonna change the title soon. I’m not very sure about the name. P.S,I think bilby lovers would adore it. Also if they have a good sense of humor!

  45. Sorry I’m bragging to much about this. I’m just very excited. Because I’m almost finished with my comic “Hola Ito!”,my second manga. It may be funny,but not as good as “Hydro Kitty”.

  46. I have enjoyed your books and read Dragon Keeper in one day it was so good. I hope you write more books like this trilogy, thanks.

  47. Hey everyone. I live in the UK so I dont know if you can get the books I recommend, but I read a lot of books and Dragonkeeper is one of my favourites because its set in ancient China and its magical and really gets you hooked. One of my other favourites is the Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney, its nothing like dragonkeeper but if you like Harry Potter youll love it. I also like the Larklight series by Philip reeves which is set in space, but in the 1980’s and is fun and full of action. And finally I like the Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy, its full of action and evil villains and keeps you hooked. The Dragonology series is also great if you like dragons and adventure, it is a large series and you can get storybooks and all sorts of books with facts about dragons.

  48. I recommend this series: The Five Ancestors if you like to read about books in anciet china. It has adveture,action, and surprises around every page. It is a great series by Jeff Stone.

  49. Hey There Carole,
    In Language Arts class we had to read the Dragon Keeper book. It was great. I am looking forward to reading the 2nd and 3rd books in the Dragon Keeper Series. In class we are also doing projects about the Dragon Keeper and you. You have a great website. Thanks for the great books,
    Robert K.

  50. Mrs. Wilkinson, I love your dragon keeper series! Maybe you don’t remember, but you were our school’s,Shanghai American School,visiting author last year! Our school is doing projects on them!!!!!!

  51. Twilight is a great book. It’s not about dragons, but I like it. But the book’s for young adults though. Carole, if you hadn’t read it, please do! I even made my mom and aunt read it! They both loved it! Please please please please please please please read it if you havn’t! If you can’t buy one in Australia, I’ll happily send you mine, but you have to return it though.

  52. Ashlynn,
    Thanks for the offer. The book is available here in Australia, but I have a stack of books to read at the moment.

  53. I agree, the Keys to the Kindoms series is good. I strongly recommend the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. I’m sure you have it in Australia. And it’s about dragons, if that helps.

  54. Hi!! i have som suggestions to!
    for maybe 9-12 year olds, the “my secret unicorn” series by linda chapman is great! I read all of the 15 books and they are all as fantastic as eachother! reccomeded for anyone who loves fantasy and ponies! The first book is the magic spell by the way. Its a really popular kid’s novel
    its about a 9 year olf girl named lauren who has always dreamed of having her own pony. then, one day her dream comes true and she gets her own pony named twilight. but, there is more to her new pony tha it looks.

    to carole wilkinson
    thankyou for writing the dragonkeeper trilogy. as i read the end of dragonmoon, i was shocked! but a great story! i even got my mum toread the series. i have just finished dragon dawn and now i am about to start reading th dragon companion.
    your beatifuly written stories has inspired me and given me ideas because i dream of becoming a children’s book writer some day.

  55. I am sad that there will be no more Dragon Keeper books. But there are other books I love. Thank you for inspiring so many people to write!

  56. i read garden of the purple dragon.i thought you said there were only three books in the trilogy? garden of the purple dragon is the fourth book. but how do i get the other three books? where are they sold? how did she get on the mountain of tai shan? i thought the necromancer was dead. and whos diao? if you didnt make garden of the purple dragon i would never have known about your books i am begging you to make a new book. the begging start in three two one: please please please please please please please please please please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make a new book

  57. Justyn,
    There are three books in the trilogy. Garden of PD is the middle one. Then in addition there is a prequel called Dragon Dawn.
    I don’t know where you live so I can’t suggest where you can get them. In Australia they are available at all bookshops that sell kids books.
    Have you tried you school library?
    I have written four books. So you have a bit of reading to go before you run out.

  58. hey i love your dragon keeper series soooo much!
    i read the whole series so many times!
    can you make a book 4 pleeease i beg you.
    i want to know how ping will live without kai and if ping will ever see another dragon…

    please i beg you :'(

  59. my teacher made me read it because we always do discussions on books and stuff but i loved it so much i read the whole series when the teacher said i didnt have to. Will dragon dawn be out in the US?

  60. aw
    i wish i had 20 million dollars to give to you so you can make a movie 🙂

    Is dragon companion out in the US?
    can you make like another book on dragons like different characters and a whole new series?

  61. Kid in Arizona,
    I wish you had 20 million for a movie. That would be great!
    Sadly, no American publisher has expressed any interest in publishing Dragon Companion.
    I have no plans for any other dragon books at the moment.

  62. Hi!!! i have been searching the libraries around town and found a trilogy that you guys and girls might find interesting (and yes, it is a dragon book). I dont know what the whole series is called,but i really like these books. they just grab your attention a pull you in until you can’t stop reading ’til the very last page has been read.
    book names
    1st: Worm in the Blood
    2nd: Beast beneath the skin
    3rd: Heart of the sepent.
    its about a 14 year old boy, Sam Lim-Evans, living in london who is half welsh, half asian. his mother comes from a small island off the coast of china called luhndough which has a deadly secret among their blood.

    Sam notices a small rash on his arm that continues to grow and grow. the only way he can soothe the pain is to visit the local marchlands. he is suddenly drawn to the marshlands like his natural element, and even sleepwalks there. why won’t the rash go away and why is he so obssesed with the marshlands? you’ll have to read it to find out!!

  63. these are the best books i have ever read right now i am reading the series for a second time do you know when dragon dawn would come out in canada cause i cant wait!

  64. Jack,
    thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the Dragon Keeper books.
    I’m afraid Dragon Dawn is not going to come out in Canada. I am assuming you get the US editions of my books, and the US publisher has decided not to publish it.
    Dragon Dawn has only been published in Uk and Australia.

  65. Hi Carole. I absolutely LOVE your Dragon Keepers series. I thought it was so good im actually writing a book myself. And i saw your earlier comment! I will definately write hyperion a message about publishing your book in America. If they dont i will have some words with them… Lol Just kidding. Anyway i (again) LOVE your books!!! I am reading the whole series again. Right now im on Dragon Moon.

  66. Hello Mrs Wilkinson,

    I thoroughly love your Dragonkeeper series, especially the unique way you ended it. (SPOILER NEXT) It is great the way you make Ping seem to have less in the end than in the middle of the series, but in reality she has so much more. It made me think. Thank you! I would like to become a novelist myself, after reading these great books.

  67. Michelle,
    Thanks. I’ve had a lot of complaints about the end of Dragon Moon. I’m glad you approve of it. I like the way you have expressed it. She seems to have less, but actually she has more.

  68. minwoo,
    you should be able to buy it in any bookshop. If they don’t have it in stock, you can ask them to order it for you.
    Thanks for your interest in my books.

  69. Dear Mrs. Kilkinson.
    I LOVE THE DRAGONKEEPER SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Thank you soo much for writing the dragonkeeper books Carole I absolutely love them. But the way I actually found dragonkeeper was at the library and all the students had to pick a book to read for the term, and I couldn’t find anything I liked so when time was up I just went to the nearest shelf and grabbed a random book. I never even looked at it until the second last week of the term, I had no idea what it would be like but as I started reading I became amazed at how interesting it was and from then on I just kept reading. I also never knew of the other books and thought there was only one and I was so happy when I found out about the others. And that is the extremely long story of how I found deagonkeeper

  71. I have read every dragonkeeper and ramose book and I loved them! Another book about dragons that I would recommend is Eragon by Christopher Paolini. It is a really great book! ?

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