Today I had my last book signing in Melbourne at the Mockingbird Bookshop in Mont Albert where I met lots of young readers (and some not so young!).

Proprietor, Evelyn, gave me these lovely orchids. Aren’t they gorgeous? The arrangement is a work of art.

9 responses to “Orchids

  1. Flower arranging IS a work of art. Those are beautiful Carole. I’d love my own, but I think my cat would try to eat them. 😛

  2. My key word was “try”. The youngest of our two has tried to eat from our dinner plates. If I let him, he’d probably try chewing gum too.

  3. They are nice flowers!!!

    I find it sad how you last book signing is over your book is so good it deserves to be on the best sellers list forever!

    I love your work carole 😀

    Keep it up!

  4. Haha… im sure its selling well. My friend has already bought it, and is showing off with it to the people who has not yet read it. =.=’ I was TOO desperate so the librarian in my school lent it to me uncovered! I made sure there wasnt a mark on it when it was returned!

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