No Reply?

I have just changed my computer and my email program. It was very traumatic! I am worried that I might have lost some emails in the process. If you have emailed me or left a post on this blog, and I haven’t responded, let me know.

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  1. Salutations, i would just like to talk to you about future installments in the dragonkeeper series. you can email me at . Aloha, shalome and all the best. Until next time….

  2. hi carole wilkinson.i m a very good fan of yours.i would like to know when your US edition of Dragon moon is coming out and be sold in singapore.

  3. ..dragon keepers popular in all countries! Im glad i live in Australia, standing on the same land as you, Carol! proud. I just wish i lived in Melbourne rather than Sydney.

  4. hi carole i just wanted to know how old you were when you published your first book and also how old you are now because i just finished the book dragon moon and i have read dragon keeper and garden of the purple dragon so i just wanted to say you are the best my favourite book in the world is dragon moon then dragon keeper and then garden of the purple dragon they are the best

  5. …i also wanted to tell you that you should make the dragon keeper series into a movie because there are people out there that cant be bothered reading the book but im not one of them. im glad i live in the same state as you( melbourne) bye

  6. Jessica,
    I was 46 when I published my first book. Pretty old, huh? I am now 56.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed my books.
    I am not a movie maker, so I can’t make a movie of the books. I have to wait till a movie producer approaches me. (Someone with millions of dollars).

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