Melbourne Dragon Moon Launch

If you live in Melbourne, and you don’t have anything to do next Sunday, there will be a launch for Dragon Moon  on Sunday 29 April at 3pm. It will be at the Chinese Museum, 22 Cohen Place in the City (it runs off Little Bourke St). Everyone is welcome to come and help me celebrate.

Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I am doing some signings as well. Come and say hello:

Mon 23 April 5pm Readings Hawthorn 701 Glenferrie Rd

Sat 28 April 11am Readings Port Melbourne 253 Bay St

Sat 5 May 11am Mockingbird Bookshop 377 Mont Albert Road

16 responses to “Melbourne Dragon Moon Launch

  1. Aww, I hate working sundays…I’d have loved to come down, but I can’t…I hope it’s a blast though!

  2. I missed you by 1 day at Readings Hawthorn!

    But i managed to find a signed copy of Dragon Moon hiden in the shelving!

    I love all of your books!

    If do any more signings i would love to be in the front row!

    YOU ROCK! keep up the good work!

  3. Wow what a book! I got my book yesterday afternoon and just finished it around lunchtime today it was excellent. I just couldn’t put it down, can’t believe it’s over…

  4. Lachlan,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the book launch. It was good to meet you. I hope you enjoy Ramose.

  5. Ah?!! Since when was there a Sydney Dragon moon launch?? Grr.. i didnt even know. ….my bad.

  6. mmm…cant wait. Even if it was a signing…u were there wernt you? 😀 and thats all i wanted.

  7. Carole,

    I was wondering when ‘Dragon Moon’ will come out in New Zealand?

    I went to the bookstore to see if it was there and it wasn’t,

    I was just wondering if you knew when it would come out, over here in kiwi land?



  8. Hello Carole,

    I am Jess who lived in England (Now in Italy), I LOVE your dragon keeper books. And I cant wait until they get relised in England so I can order Dragon Moon on Amazon. Anyway, you write 10 times better than JK Rowling (Harry Potter). When I read Dragon Keeper i wont be able to put it down. I could read it for the whole day if I could. I think your descriptions are excellent!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, Jessica

    PS: When is Dragon Moon coming out in England

  9. J,
    I’m afraid I don’t know. It all depends on how long it takes the distributors to get the books over there. All I can say is keep hassling them!

  10. Jessica,
    Thanks for you kind comments. Dragon Moon will be out in England in Feb or March next year. There isn’t an Italian version, so I think it is okay for me to suggest that you could buy the Australian version now from blackdogbooks on the internet ( However it would be more expensive, as books cost more in Aust than in England.

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