Sydney School Visits

I visited eight schools while I was in Sydney—Mount St Benedicts, Cheltenham Girls, Pymble Ladies College, Abbotsleigh Girls, Chatswood PS, Roseville College, Our Lady of Dolours and Lindfield PS. I met lots of kids who had read the first Dragonkeeper books, and lots who I hope I encouraged to give them a try. The students at all the schools asked lots of terrific questions. I think the best question was, “If you could only write one book what would it be?” I signed so many books, the ink in my special purple pen ran out!


This was my welcoming committee at Our Lady of Dolours. I’d like to thank all the schools for making me so welcome, and the booksellers (Paul from The Children’s Bookshop, Ruth from Books and Beyond and Nicola from Lindfield Books) for looking after me so well.

I had a bit of free time in the afternoons to go for walks around Lavender Bay where I was staying, discovering tiny beaches, crumbling jetties and secret gardens. I also walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This was the fabulous view from my hotel.


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  1. Marvin,
    I didn’t know you were in Britain, sorry. There’s no way of me telling from a post where people are, perhaps you mentioned earlier and I forgot. Sorry. In that case you will have a bit of a wait.

  2. This book is driving me nuts!!!

    i can’t find it anywhere!
    I have looked in all 3 of my local libraries, in all 5 of the bookshops in west perth(where I live)
    and even on our holiday to Albany I looked in every bookshop and they didn’t have it either!

    Although I am usually a patient girl, this is seriously annoying!

  3. If I can find it, Claire, Marvin, I’ll let you know. I have a hectic life, but as soon as I locate it, I’ll let you know. 🙂

  4. 🙁 Hmph! Why didnt you come to Bankstown Carol?? Eh.. i wish i was in Chatswood [the only school i was familar with u went to] I always miss the good stuff

  5. carole come and visit our school i’m such a big fan!!!! our whole school is to….

    we are Virginia State School in Brisbane next time your here come and say hi

    we also won the FLAME awardsit goes to the school with the most inspire by music!!!!!!

    we might put u on a concert…….

    pls come

  6. Carole Wilkinson,
    I’m doing a report on you for language arts for school. And was wondering if you would like to answer some questions for me. I am from china and love dragons. I love your books, Dragon Keeper and Garden of the Purple Dragon. They are my favorite. Please email me back.

  7. Lilee,
    Yes I will be happy to answer your questions. Please read the “About” and “FAQs” pages on the website first. You will find some information about me and my books there.

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