Beecroft Event

I am back home after a hectic visit to Sydney where I gave 11 talks in four days! window

There was an evening event at the Beecroft Children’s Bookshop which was a full house with kids and adults attending. Owner Paul Macdonald and his staff had created a lovely Dragon Moon window display and local people had contributed items for the display.

This is Rosie who won the dragon door prize.

This is Rosie who was lucky enough to win the dragon door-prize.

I found a dragon while I was wandering around Beecroft!

Here it is.

Beecroft dragon

6 responses to “Beecroft Event

  1. Madeline,
    Glad to hear you like the books. Sorry, I have no plans to come to Tweed Heads. I have been visiting schools and bookshops for two weeks. Now I have to get back to writing books again!

  2. Awws, i wish i won that dragon! I havent had any interest in dragons till i read your books!! They’ve widened my ‘favs’ *laughs*

    Hey Carol,
    Is there by any chance your gonna write a story smiliar to Dragon keeper series?? I realy enjoy your deep knowledge of Chinese culture. 😀

  3. 4 talks ha thats just a breath to me

    on band camp we did 8 concerts in 1 day each 80mins long

    p.s i play trombone

  4. Connor,
    It’s exhausting for me. Normally I spend most of my working day in a room by myself. Speaking to 100s of people is scary.

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