Ruyton Launch

Today we had the first event to launch Dragon Moon. It was held at Ruyton Girls School and there were students from Genazzano College and Trinity Grammar as well.

Everyone was put in the proper mood by Shen Peng who played the ancient Chinese instrument called the erhu. He played beautiful music, all achieved with just two strings!

erhu player, Shen Peng

Then Andrew and Maryann from black dog books and myself gave a talk about the process of producing a book. The Ruyton girls had been asked to write about Dragonkeeper and librarian Mrs Perrini chose Faith to read out her piece, which was lovely. Faith then was given the task of launching the book by banging a gong!

I can only post a photo of me and the erhu player at this stage, as I don’t have permisson yet to post photos of the students. I will add more photos if I get permission.

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  1. Haha… yes.
    I always see thoes instruments in chinese performances! They look pretty hard to play, and they’re sound is really high!

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