Garden in USA

I have had some enquiries from readers in America and Canada about the publication of my books over there. I now have some firm dates.

Dragon Keeper                        paperback    April 2007

Garden of the Purple Dragon    hardcover    July 2007

Garden of the Purple Dragon    paperback    April 2008

Dragon Moon                          hardcover    July 2008

20 responses to “Garden in USA

  1. Can youfind out the dates for england? Also, we have a worldbook day celebration on friday, and we all dressup as our favourite book characters, and i’m going as Ping! Finally, do you think dragon keeper will ever bemade into i film? It would be a good one.

  2. These Series are ThrillING!!!!! soo addicitive gotta keep reading man waiting sooooo long need it it’s like a drug lol

  3. Chloe,
    I don’t know the dates for Dragon Moon in UK yet. I would guess about this time next year. Great to hear you are dressing up as Ping. As for making it into a film. It would be terrific, but I’m not a film producer and I don’t have millions of $$$$ so I will have to wait for the right producer to come along who I think I can trust to take care of Ping and Danzi.

  4. Yeah.Producers would cost heaps. But it would be cool if it was made into a movie. By the way Carole have you heard of the place in Victoria called St.Andrews? It’s out in the country.

  5. Jacqueline,
    It is 27 March. Click on the post called “Publication Date for Dragon Moon” in the righthand column above for the post I wrote about publication in Australia.

  6. wow lucky im in aus
    plus i love how much description is in my book so i can see it in my mind

  7. Man i love the series…i live in america so i bought garden of the purple dragon at the uk on the internet..(much more to have it shiped in austrailia)But i finished it so now i got to get dragon moon,in astrailia(good thing i have an uncle who lives there) Anyways Carole,i love your books and i think you would make lots of $$$ if it gets to the big screan. =)

  8. Also to let you no Carole,my mom even reads it and she can’t wait for the next,same with me.well see ya.

  9. Wow, i just finished reading the first series of your book, ( i live in canada) , and i just found out that the book isnt out here just yet?.. i was hoping to pick it up at a local book store, but i have to wait, 🙁

    my head is still beaming with the imagination i thought out in my head about your story, you are so discriptive, and i love how you make the dragon series, although it reminds me of the story ( eragorn ) , and how the dragon comunicates threw the mind, anyways, i really hope Danzi comes back in your novel, he was by far the most interesting, i loved all of the wise phrases, and how you placed them in your novel,

    Keep the writing up, you are by far my favorite writer,


  10. Matt,
    Thanks. The second book in the series will be out in July in Canada, I think. I’m glad you could imagine it clearly. I got most of Danzi’s wise words from a Chinese book that is at least a couple of thousand years old.

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