New Garden cover added

The German cover for Garden of the Purple Dragon has been added to the site — you can see it here.

12 responses to “New Garden cover added

  1. Another not-purple dragon! I’m beginning to wonder about the literacy skills of European book designers!

  2. hi
    the purple dragon is kai silly and i dont think he would be that big yet lol. Its just a cover anyway its whats inside that counts the story itself

  3. dear carole the dragonkeeper book and the purple dragon book i have read them both and i loved them. they are my fav books ever if its possible i would love you to have a third book out. my libraian got me into these two books so please.


  4. Lauren,
    Glad you liked the books. There is a third book it is called Dragon Moon. I don’t know where you live, but it is available in Australia now, and in other countries next year.

  5. carole, i was wondering if you could tell me if and when a movie series was comming out to go along with the books. if there was it would be wonderfull.
    zachary m. l. moore

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