I am a shocking traveller. I love the idea of travelling, love having travelled, but the best bit is always arriving home. I’ve only been to Adelaide for a week, but it is still great to be home.

Good things about Adelaide: Spending time with family and friends. Holding a newborn family member. Walking on an empty beach. Swimming in the sea with Rita.
Good things about being home: Melbourne tap water, it tastes wonderful! Cool nights. My own bed.

Sorry about the delay in answering blog comments. I took my laptop with me to do just that, but I couldn’t remember my user name to log on! Too tired tonight. I’ll do that tomorrow.

17 responses to “Home

  1. yes i can’t agree more with u . first u are excited but after the flight hours and with sour legs it’s always “home sweet home”. hope you really enjoyed the trip .tell us more about the exciting things in the trip

  2. Sanshita,
    We drove to Adelaide, didn’t fly. It’s about a 9 hour drive, so you still get the sore legs.
    There was nothing exciting to report. It’s where our parents live, so when we go to Adelaide it’s all about catching up with family and friends.

  3. Krystal,
    Yes the rain was wonderful. I sat and watched it through the window. It was so nice to see the goldfish pond full instead of half empty.

  4. yes two months in australia but more to wait for in the uk.I will have to survive and by the way i loved the garden of the purple dragon it was fantastic

  5. it was one of those books you just can not put down and whats the diffrence between the uk and the australian version?

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