New children’s art added

Just a quick note to say that some artwork from Perth College in Western Australia and Castle Hill Primary School in New South Wales has been added to the website, as well as some artwork from a reader in the United States!

See all of the artwork submitted to Carole at the children’s art page.

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  1. It is lovely to see that you have a page dedicated to acknowledging the work that school children have sent you. My mum has been reading Ping’s story to her Grade 4 class for the last two years and both classes have become completely enchanted by the tales. In fact shortly after reading the second book to her class, the whole class wrote to you from Darley Primary School I believe.

    Dragonkeeper and Garden of the Purple Dragon have transformed mum

  2. Sophie,
    Thanks for your post. It’s great to have somewhere to display the art that kids send me. I’m so proud to have inspired it.
    It’s great that your Mum took her kids to the Chinese Museum. I love to go there and visit the parade dragons. There are three the current one, the old Dai Loong and if you search around upstairs, there’s an even older one.
    Glad to hear that you and your friend enjoyed the Dragonkeeper books too. The third one isn’t far away now.

  3. Dear Carole,
    i only just found out that you have a website and i am very excited. I LOVED your books and read both of them in just two weeks. I love reading and finish about 4 novels every weekend. i am also very talented at sketching and i am proud that you like art too. My mum is a teacher and this year is teaching ‘fantasy’ in her year 4 class and is going to read your book. Next year i go to highschool and also there we will be using your book in English. in my spare time i always write stories- you inspired me! i am writing a story at the moment that i hope will turn out to be a prized novel. Maybe i will send it to you sometime! My sister has written to you- she is also talented at stories. i would like to know when your new book will come out so i can rush to the shops and get it!
    i never thought that i would be interested in chinese stories because before ‘dragon keeper’ and ‘the garden of the purple dragon’ i was reading jaquiline wilison books- i am glad that since reading your novels i read all types of books. i hope that you reply. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    from Elly

  4. Elly,
    You certainly are a great reader. It takes me weeks to read just one book. I am pleased to hear that my books inspired you.
    Dragon Moon will be out in Australia in April.
    Good luck with your writing.

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