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I’ve been getting a few emails from UK readers who are wondering when Garden of the Purple Dragon will be out in that part of the world. Macmillan tell me that it will be out in February next year, along with the paperback edition of Dragonkeeper.

Meanwhile I have to have a second draft of Dragon Moon finished by Christmas. It was all going well until my publisher pointed out a  glaring plot flaw in the first draft (not so glaring that I noticed it!). After getting over the cold sweats thinking about ‘what if it had gone to press like that?’, I now have to fix it. Anyone who thinks that having your book edited is a painful process is CRAZY!

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  1. are you writing a third book cause i am up to page 309 on garden of the purple dragon and it is so interesting and if the 3rd book is coming out i would like to here the name of the book.p.s. please send back a message

  2. Tahlia,
    Garden of the Purple Dragon is the second book in the series (Dragonkeeper is the first) and Dragon Moon will be the third book. It will be out in May in Australia. Glad you are enjoying Garden of the PD.

  3. when i was reading dragonkeeper my feet were not touching eatrh . it felt like i was flying on danzi’s back

  4. i read those two books and since than i am in love with dragon please please tell me when is the third book going to come out. i just can not wait please please reply

  5. favourite book is dragonkeeper and my favourite author are you i love your both book dragonkeeper and garden of thepurple dragon. it they are not my favourite books just beacuse they are so intresting and fantabulous they are my favourites as they changed me alot (in a good way) my taste has really improved. i chose christopher paolinie’s eldest and it was an ammaizing book and also harper lee’s to kill a mocking bird.

  6. I hope you can finish the Dragon Moon as soon as possible cause I already finished the Garden of the Purple Dragon and I love it so much!

  7. Sansthita,
    thanks for all your comments. I’m delighted the books had such an effect on you. I am working hard on Dragon Moon, and it will come out in Australia in May.


  9. I was just wondering, will there be a movie about da Dragonkeeper?? If there will be, it will be a gr8 movie.

  10. Hello Carole,

    My Class and I have been reading the Dragonkeeper as our book for this semester and they all think it’s great! We have just got up to the part where Ping is flying to Ocean and she is secured onto Danzi and she drops the dragon stone. I know what happens beacuse I read ahead! I am an avid reader and you are one of my favourite authors. Also will you be in Australia over the next year because my class and I really want you to come to our school because you are an amazing author!!!

  11. Jacqueline,
    Glad you like the books. There are no plans for a movie yet. I have to wait for a movie producer with millions of dollars to come along.

  12. Claire,
    I hope you didn’t give away the ending to the rest of your class!
    I will be in Australia next year, all year, because that’s where I live! I am in Melbourne. Where is your school?

  13. We go to Perth College, which is in perth! it is located in mt Lawley. the website is if you’d like to have a little explore!

  14. Claire,
    Perth is a bit too far away for me to do a school visit, I’m afraid. Though I did go to Perth for the WAYRBA awards earlier this year.
    I’d love to get some more artwork. You can send it to my publishers:
    black dog books
    15 Gertrude Street
    Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia
    or, if you can scan it, you can email it to me at

  15. OK thanks!
    I’ll send in some more artwork soon. My friend flora and I did drawings of things that Ping has or has seen on her jourmey in the dragonkeeper.
    They are:The Dragon stone, the red cloud ointment, ping’s reed basket, ping’s bamboo name square, ping’s knife, the dragon scale, the sacrificial shift, liu che’s black and yellow robes, The two gowns that got given to ping, and liu che’s carry thing that goes to Tai Shan.

  16. i was wondering will their ever be a movie of dragon keeper the first book? because this book is the best book i ve ever read i can never find a good book the sutes me right and id really love to tsee the movie if anyone ever makes one please email me or right a comment on this site if theirs a movie already out right now thanks you

  17. THIS BOOK IS THE BEST!!! I RATE IT 10/10 AND 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Emilio,
    I’d love there to be a movie, but there has to be a movie producer with millions of $$ who also wants to make it. And it has to be the right one. Someone I can trust to take good care of Ping and the dragons.

  19. Your books are so great, i like them so much, i can’t wait until the new book comes out! Once i started reading Dragon rider, i couldn’t stop. and then you wrote Garden of the Purple dragon wich was just da best! How do you get all the cool ideas? when i start writing stories, i dont know what to write next! and i love writing stories. anyway, i am looking forward to reading the next book!

  20. When will the 2nd book by published in the United States of America? I really wish to read the book!

  21. Anna,
    The ideas don’t all come in a rush. I start with a small idea and then work it up into a story long enough to fill a book. It takes a long time.
    Good luck with your writing.

  22. okay, i will take your advice. Thanks. is your new book out yet?
    i really can’t wait to read it.
    plz reply.

  23. Carole!
    i recently had a great idea for my story and thanks to the advice you gave my sister (Anna) i hope that the idea will expand! i just love your stories and i am sure that your new book will be a huge sucess too! i love you stories because they are different from other stories and are very exciting. My story that i am writing is very different to yours but i hpe that when i send it (in a few more weeks) that you will like it!
    goodluck with the new book! looking forward to reading it!
    from Elly!

  24. i absolutely luv your bok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    FIVE STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    i hear that dragon moon is comin out
    will it be the final one

  25. i also love your books, they are amazing i can’t wait to read the next book. Dragonkeeper and the garden of the purple dragon are amazing!!! i’m dieing to read about what happens to kai and ping. when does it come out in new zealand??? are you planning to write other books about dragons etc???
    Can’t wait to read dragon moon!!

  26. Jack,
    Sorry about the delay in replying. I expect that Dragon Moon will come out in NZ around the same time as in AUst, ie April.
    Yes, I am writing another book about dragons. It’s sort of like an encyclopedia of dragons from all around the world. It will be out later in the year.

  27. thanks,

    does your new book ‘Dragon Moon’ tie up all the loose ends from your two other books?
    is it action packed and as good as the other two books?
    can’t wait to read it!!
    your one of my favourite authors!!

  28. Jack,
    Thanks for the compliment. Yes all the loose ends are tied up in Dragon Moon! I hope everyone’s questions will be answered by the end of it. I like to think that it is action packed, but I’m biased of course.

  29. Are you ever going to come to New Zealand, visiting schools, etc?

    I know i shoudn’t ask this but does Dragon Moon have a happy ending?

    Looking forwards to reading it!!!!!!!!!

  30. Jack,
    Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I try and keep track of all the comments on my blog, but sometimes my system doesn’t work.
    I have no plans to go to NZ at the moment, I’m afraid.
    I don’t mind if you ask me how Dragon Moon ends…but I’m not going to tell you! You’ll have to wait and see.

  31. Hi Carole I got the book you said I might like and I love by the way the book was The Dragon Companion.

  32. I love your books a lot =)
    Though I did cry a few times LAWL
    The ending for Dragon Moon left me heartbroken!
    =( Poor them
    I give all 3 books the thumbs up.
    I remember reading Drgaon Keeper along time ago, when it first came out! O_O, because a family friend suggested I read it. Then recently when I was in a bookshop I saw Dragon Keeper and remembered reading it. I read dragon keeper in a matter of hours and rushed to the bookshop the next morning to buy the next two books. The books were so amazing I read all three of them in a matter of days!

    I live in Melboune too! =D, Yay for melbourne
    You should come vist my school *nods*
    LAWL, Im in the western suburbs
    Your books are an inspiration and reminded me why I love reading so much, it authors like you who make it all worth it =).

    Thanks so much for being a great and inspiring writer.

  33. Kimberley,
    Thanks for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed the books so much. I can only visit your school if a teacher invites me.
    Lots of people say the ending was sad. I didn’t think it was. It seemed like the only possible ending to me and I think everyone was happy. Nothing in life is perfect.

  34. Hahaha
    Thats true enough =)
    Though the ending was still sad =D
    Ahhh, I should ask my english teacher if you can be invited =D
    That would be cool as
    I made my friends read the books 😉

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