Rita at 7 months

The first draft of Dragon Moon is finished, so I am having a bit of a breather before I start on the second draft. Not that I’m sitting around doing nothing.

There are final touches to be done to what will be my next book The Jerilderie Letter which is an illustrated version of Ned Kelly’s famous letter (for any non-Australian readers, Ned Kelly was a famous bushranger [outlaw, bandit]). The book is packed with fabulous illustrations by Dean Jones.

So If Ned wrote it and Dean illustrated it, what’s it got to do with me, I hear you say. Well Ned’s letter isn’t easy to read, so I have edited it so that it is clearer, but hopefully without losing his sense of humour and unique way with words.

I thought it was time I posted another photo of our dog, Rita, who is now seven months old and pretty much fully grown. She is as cute as ever but is going through her difficult teenage stage. She likes to play ball, but doesn’t actually like letting go of it so you can throw it!

Rita at 7 months

7 responses to “Rita at 7 months

  1. Awww. Rita is so cute. And congrats on finishing your first draft. Can’t wait for it 😀

  2. You Have No Idea How Excited I AM!

    Im hoping that the draft is longer than both books put together!! But if it isn’t, i will love it just the same!

    Great Work Carol, You are an inspiration to me, and im sure im not just speaking for my self, but many other young kids..

    XooX…Kathleen. Australia, Vic. 13

  3. Kathleen,
    At this stage Dragon Moon is actually a bit shorter than the previous two. Sorry. But a story is as long as it is.
    Thanks for your comments.

  4. Tris,
    I hope to finish writing Dragon Moon before Christmas, but it won’t be out till May. After I have finished it, it has to be typeset, proofread, printed and distributed to bookshops around the country and all that takes time.

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