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I’m getting a bit sick of referring to the third Dragonkeeper book as DK3. So here’s the title. Dragon Moon. That’s the working title, anyway. I’d be interested to know if people think it’s a good title. I want it to be short…and memorable.

A lot of people had a problem remembering Garden of the Purple Dragon. It was often “Purple Garden of the…”. “The Purple Dragon”, “Dragon Garden…”. I’m hoping this title will stick in people’s minds more easily.

Speaking of Garden of the Purple Dragon, I am pleased to report that it has been shortlisted for the 2006 Queensland Premier’s Literary Award for Best Children’s Book. Very exciting. Click here to see the other contenders.

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  1. Hi
    i think that dragon moon is a fabulous title, but i’m a bit worried about the short and memorable part. i really want it to be memorable, but i would hate to see it really short! have u finished the first draft, second draft….etc? hope you don’t get writers block!
    Good luck
    p.s. any clues on the storyline yet?

  2. Jen,
    I meant I wanted the title to be short and memorable, not the book!

    I’m still working on the first draft. Getting there though. The only clue I’m giving, is that it’s another journey for Ping.

  3. Hi
    I think that dragon moon is a great name to call the book, for a draft and for real and I can’t wait for it to come out! I can’t wait to see what happens! I am so excited


  4. Hey.
    I just finished reading Garden of the Purple Dragon. I love it! Another book to add to the collection!

    I like the idea of the title Dragon Moon. Of course, it’d be awesome if a dragon moon was a vital part of the storyline. I mean, your other two titles were intergral parts of the story line.

    Can’t wait for the next book,

  5. Totally LOVED the Garden of the Purple Dragon. Got strange looks from my partner as i was near tears and at times laughing cos of Kai.

    Think that the Dragon Moon would be excellent, as Danzi appeared to Ping and Kai in dreams, and in the moon light so its aptly named.

    Can’t wait for more adventures of Ping and Kai.

  6. Am currently reading ‘Garden of the Purple Dragon’ to my 8 year old daughter, following on from the success of ‘Dragon Keeper’. We love both stories very much and she loves Kai. We laugh loudly and alot at his antics. She recently dressed up as Ping for her Bookweek parade. ‘Dragon Moon’ is an admirable and memorable title and we look forward to it.


  7. So far so good! Everyone seems to like the title.
    Krystal, the moon will have some relevance.
    Tina, glad you enjoyed Garden of PD. And Dom, I’m thrilled to hear that your daughter dressed up as Ping for Bookweek.

  8. Dear Carole,
    I really like your books and I can’t wait for “Dragon moon” to come out. It is sooooo exciting.

    from Laura

  9. dear carole i am reading both your books for the third time your dragonkeeper books are my favourite books in the world.

    i think dragon moon is a great name as long as it follows on from the last book ill love. i have been waiting for dragon moon to come out and i am so excited i cant wait and keep up the good work

  10. Hello No.1 fan,
    You are certainly a keen Dragonkeeper reader! Yes Dragon Moon will follow on from Garden of the Purple Dragon.

  11. Hi,

    I am now doing a assignment on your fabulous book Dragonkeeper. I totally love Dragonkeeper and Garden of the Purple Dragon and I think that “Dragon Moon” is a great name for your new book. But after “Dragon Moon” I hope that you make many, many more sequels to Dragonkeeper.

  12. hello again was just wondering if you would be able to tell me when the third one will be coming out around and if danzi will be in it since i cried when he left and was hopin he would be
    any ways i am so excited gtg

  13. No.1 fan,
    Dragon Moon will be out next May in Australia. But I’m not telling you what happens in it! I haven’t finished writing it yet.

  14. Hi, Dragon Moon sounds like a great name, but my son says he has read a book by that name already. Could be a bit confusing…. (dragon delasangre series). We loved both of the books and can’t wait until the next one. Keep up the good work 🙂

  15. Purps,
    Thanks. I checked that title on Amazon and it’s an adult book, so I don’t think it will be a problem. I’ll mention it to my publisher though.

  16. Carole i am eagerly awaiting your 3rd book in the Dragonkeeper series. Like so many of your earlier respondents its publication is much anticipated.
    Love your work!!! Dragon Moon is a great draft title.

  17. The Dragonkeeper series is my favorite series of books, so no matter what the title, I know I’ll always remember it, ‘Dragon Moon’ sounds good to me, simple, easy to remember, and just makes me want to read the 3rd book more!
    Congrats on the Literary Award, you deserve it more than any other author, my friends were all amazed by the amount of awards Dragonkeeper won.
    Keep up the great work!

  18. dragonkeeper and garden of the purpel dragon are grate books
    i can not wait for the 3rd book to come out dragon moon is a grate title
    what date is the book coming out?

  19. dear carole!
    um i like your books so much i raed dragonkeeper and garden of the purple dragon over 1 week.dragon stories really are ur thing. i want u to keep writing about ping.i (when i get lonely) pretend im ping by askaping to the world of 11

  20. dear carole i get board cause u cant always find a good book.i need u to reply soon.please write till ur harts content

  21. hi its madi again. i dont know if my other messages got through to u because i just chsnged computors and they arnt on here.if they didnt get to u they were about how i want also there to be a 4th and 5th book.also that u r a graet writer when it comes to dragons.i love the first two dragonkeepers i liked garden of the purple best.i love to escape to the land of dragons in books and thats why i want u to keep writing.ur books make me feel so good.i feel better when im reading.i like dragon moon as a tittle even if others dont.u inspire facenated with books on dragons and china and japan but only iff they have a magic twist. i guess its the magic of writing that makes me feel so good.i stay up all night reading under my blankets with a torch.i feel so good writing to u because no one would usually want to listen to me go on about books.
    i hope ur third book is as good as the 1st and 2nd.

    a very happy reader and biggest fan
    maddi (11) Australia nsw

    p.s please reply a.s.a.p. on email because i want to keep writing to u it fells so good.

  22. omg,

    i luv ur books they r so good. I cant wait to get the 3rd book we might be getting it today.

    Sydney Australia

  23. the dragon keeper series are my fav books and i love dragon moon!!!
    i loved the fighting seen in the 3rd book

    keep up the great work!

  24. Please can you write a fourth book of the dragon series! I have read dragonkeeper, Garden of the purple dragon AND Dragon moon! Please, I am begging You to. Please. If you don’t i will be sad, just please keep writing!!! Please, Please, Please.

  25. Lydia,
    I will keep writing, I will write lots of other books, but not for the Dragonkeeper series. I’m sorry to disappoint you. To write a book, you have to be enthusiastic about it. I feel that I have finished the series and I am ready to write something different.
    There will be more dragons. I am currently writing a dragon encyclopedia which will be full of dragons.

  26. PLEASE keep writing them. Write about some killer thing that tries to hurt Kai, and ping has to save him, but an evil person follows her and she has to try and get rid of them. Just please keep writing them. PLEASE.

  27. Try to find inspiration somewhere, go to china if you have to! But please just keep writing!!!

  28. What happened to Hua in the third book? He just sort of disappeared, also, what happened to her family? Did they get the plague? Just write more dragon keeper books. Make some killer want Kai’s splein and then make Ping look after kai and the rest of the dragons, but kill off the one that spat in her eyes, I don’t like that one, but keep the rest, ADD A TWIST LIKE PING FINDS OUT THAT kAI IS A FEMALE DRAGON!

  29. Hi, I have not read any of your books and am not planning to. But I LOVE them. Can you please right a book. It could be about Santa Clause but he rides a dragon and one day the dragon eats all the presents and he has to find more with the help of a secret agent called Dwayne.

    Love from your 19 year old friend,


  30. Please keep writing them. They are my favorite books. Write about some killer dragonhunter. And Ping saves Kai from Him and they both fly to the isle of the blest, but then Kai Is captured by an evil red phoenix and ping his to save him again. But then she sees Danzi’s body and he is dead. She then saves Kai, goes home, finds the other dragons and does somthing interesting. But i don’t care if you wright somthing compleatly different, just keep wrighting tose books, please!!!

    From Lydia.

  31. Lydia,
    Sorry. But you have plenty of ideas, so you can make up your own stories. If I’ve read a book I like, I like to imagine what happens next after a book has finished.

  32. Hi Carole,

    It’s Faith from the launch. I have just finished your latest book! It’s totally awesome!

  33. Carole,
    I just finished the second book of the Dragon Keeper Series and am dying to read the next book, but it has’nt come to the United States yet. Do you know when Dragon Moon will be released in the United States? I need to find out what happens to Kai and Ping!!!!!!!
    From your eager fan,
    Antonia D.

  34. Guam,
    yes it is available online from black dog books
    but if you are in US they might not be able to sell it to you, because of their contract with the US publisher.
    You could look for a secondhand copy at an online bookshop like abebooks.

  35. Wheni s the Dragon moon book coming to the US?i can’t wait, i had to wait mothns for garden of the purple dragon to come out around here. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  36. NO MORE DRAGON KEEPER BOOKS?!?!? NOOOOO!!! Please keep writing them, i beg you, i havn’t found a book yet that has matched this series so far, especially the first book.

  37. Jake,
    July 2008.
    I’m really glad you liked Dragonkeeper, but I don’t have plans to write another one. I have lots of other books I want to write.

  38. ahah, I submitted my comment withouth writing anything XD.
    Anyway, wat I wanted to say is that I loved your books! I am from Argentina, and I have read the first and second one. I cant wait to have ‘Dragon Moon’. Will it be published in Latin America as the previous ones?

  39. Lara,
    It’s great to hear from someone in Argentina. Glad to hear you enjoyed the books. I don’t know when the Spanish version of Dragon Moon will be published. I’m sorry. You could email the Spanish publishers, and ask them. (And let me know if you find out!)

  40. can you please make a dragon keeper movie because i really loved the book and all my friends that hate reading might be able to know what i mean when i say i started crying because i did

  41. hey carole who is the girl on that cover?
    Is she compter made because all my friends and relativess says it looks like me. But i have bigger eyes

  42. Ruru,
    No it’s not a computer image. It’s a photo of a girl here in Melbourne. It’s the same girl on all three covers.

  43. dear carole
    when is the book to come out in the U.S? i have followed Ping, Kai, and Danzi throughout their dangers and adventures and i love the series!!!!!! i love the title Dragon Moon!!!! i have a question if you say u are on your first draft then how have so many people read it already?

    your dragon friend

  44. roseblood,
    Dragon Moon will be out in the US in May 2008. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the series.
    This post was written in Sept 2006, that’s when I was writing the first draft. The book was published in Australia in May this year, so now lots of people have read it.

  45. Hi Carole,
    I love your books and don’t think you should write another book in the Dragonkeeper series; even though they are fantastic!!!! I think if you’ve lost your enthusiasm they won’t be as good as the other ones. I think the dragon encyclopeadia looks really good. I haven’t seen it in the shops yet but i am doing an assignment on you for school and have come across it several times. I hope you keep writing more books, they are so interesting I can never put them down!

  46. Jessica,
    Thanks for understanding that. I will definitely keep writing books, but I need a bit of variety.
    Thanks for doing an assignment on me too.

  47. Hi Carole, i think that your books are incredible, so far I have only read the first book, I’m going to read the second one soon and then commence the third as soon as it comes out in Canada. When does it come out in Canada?.

  48. Daniel,
    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed Dragon Keeper. I’m afraid I don’t know when Dragon Moon comes out in Canada. I assume you get the US edition which comes out in May.

  49. Hello!:) I absolutely LOVED dragon keeper and garden of the purple dragon! in fact, i’m reading garden of the purple dragon right now!And I can’t wait to get Dragon moon!:) Oh, and i wrote a little short story about a dragon and a girl just for fun about a couple months ago! And i think it’s not bad for a 13 year-old boy. I have posted it on my website if u would like to read it in your spare time. And i’ve been wondering… what is your favourite type of music?

  50. Randy,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed my books. That’s quite a long story you’ve written. Well done!

  51. thank you soooo much Mrs.Wilkinson!!! And i have GREAT news! I was in Ottawa for a CHEO appointement(i have chrons desease), and on my way home i went to Chapters and got Dragon Moon. I’m already on the fourth chapter! Well done right back at ya!!:)

  52. will danzie come back in the third one i loved him he made the first one ………

  53. Oh my god, I LOVE THE DRAGON KEEPER SERIES. I’ve read all of em’ from Dragon Dawn too Dragon Moon FABULOUS Books. I was just really hoping if your writing a 5th Book. I would be so excited !

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