Prize-winning Dog

Our puppy, Rita, just graduated from puppy school. At first I thought we would be drawing lots to see who got to go out in the cold every Monday night to take Rita to her classes. Not at all. Once we’d experienced it, we all wanted to go. And we did–me, my husband John and 25-year-old daughter Lili all trouped along with our small puppy.

It was a hoot. There was Jean the instructor who was a fount of doggy information and anecdotes. There were 11 puppies of all shapes and sizes. And their owners–mostly young couples with furry surrogate babies.

At graduation Jean organised games of musical sit and musical drop. There were play-offs. Rita won musical drop, beating the musical sit champion, Hercules, in the Grand Final. She won a squeaky toy lamb. We were all very proud.

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  1. don’t forget that the MUSIC playing during musical sit and musical drop was “Who Let the Dogs Out?” by Baha Men.

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