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black dog books tells me that Garden of the Purple Dragon is also due to be published in France (Bayard Editions Jeunesse), Spain (Ediciones B), Germany (Cecile Dressler), Denmark (Bonnier Carlsen), Slovenia (Ucila International). I haven’t got any publication dates for those.

Can’t wait to see those editions. It’s exciting seeing my books in other languages…and often with entirely new covers.

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  1. Hi everyone, I’m from Mexico,yesterday I got the Garden of the purple dragon by Ediciones B, I could wait to read it, so insted of sleeping I used that time to finish the book

    Thanks a lot Carole for writting such wonderful book, this time I’ll wait paciently for others book to come.
    And yeah, the book has a new cover.

  2. Congratulations from Mexico You can see the covers in
    spanish in click in Autores find your name and click that`s it . Beautifull covers and inside a story you cant stop to read until finished.
    Sorry for my bad english.
    Marissa Guti

  3. is there a 3rd book of the dragon keeper and when will it be published in melbourne i’m dying to read it i loved the dragon keeper and garden of the purple dragon.

  4. Renee,
    Yes there will be a third Dragonkeeper book. It will be published in Australia sometime nextyear.
    I have written a post about it called DK3.

  5. I have read the first and second Dragon Keeper Books and can’t wait to read the third do you know when it will be coming out in shops in Sydney?

  6. Emily,
    Sorry I don’t know when the next book will be in the shops. I haven’t finished writing it yet! I hope it will be May but it might be September. If you keep an eye on my blog, I’ll put updates when I know what’s happening.

  7. I love your books, they are great. Out of the hundreds of dragon storys, yours are the best!!
    Strangly, none of the books i read ever have twin dragons! Will this happen in a book? I’ve had the idea for ages but I’ve never seen it in books.

  8. I have read the first two Dragon Keeper books and I love them! Can’t wait for the third book to come out! Would you like to come to Singapore one day? The chilli crab here is great!

  9. Dominique,
    Glad you liked the books. I’ve never been to Singapore, I’d love to come one day. I don’t think I have a lot of readers there though. The chilli crab sounds good!

  10. Really! Is there a thurd book for dragonkeeper??!!! I can’t wait! When will it be publish? I can’t wait! I wonder what the end would be like

  11. I live in England and loved Dragon Keeper. When is the Garden of the Purple Dragon due to be released in the UK? Can a copy be ordered and sent to me now, if so how much would it cost as I cant wait much longer.

  12. Robbie,
    Glad you liked the book.
    Garden of PD will be out in UK in February. You could buy a copy of the Australian edition on the internet, but I’m sure that will work out much more expensive. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

  13. i loved the first book and i read it in a day and was very displeased with myself as i couldn’t wait for it to come out in England in february so i waited until march instead and i am reading it very slowly this time. you are a brilliant writer are you going to write any more books about dragons????????????

  14. Sarah,
    Glad you enjoyed the books. Dragon Moon, the third and final Dragon Keeper book, will be out in UK early next year.
    At the moment, I am writing a dragon encyclopedia which will contain all my favourite dragons from mythology around the world.

  15. hi I am currently doing a assingment on your book and i was wondering if I could ask you one question ( what is the main idea/s that that the author is trying to present?) so if you could help me wiht this i would really appreciate it

  16. Will you be wrighting another(4th) Dragon keeper book? Please reccomend a book for me to read untill then.

    From Lydia.

  17. carole your books are great,im only 11, i finished reading garden of the purple dragon yesterday, i loved it,hopefully i will by the dragon moon book, and im gunna get the 1st book from my library
    oh, and my friend read it too, and im also riting “a dragons darkside”, on my computer, it probobly wont be long, but kai turns bad because of an evil spirit and his dead dragon(whos also evil) and danzi has returned from the isle of the blest, and the other dragons help, i might be able to show you one day

  18. Is there gonna be a 4th book out?
    i didnt really like the ending how [plot spoiler removed] it was sad 🙁

  19. I havent read it yet but cant wait to. I hope its as good as Dragon Keeper…my all time favorite book. I wish there was an ongoing series but i guess theres only going to be 3.

  20. Hi! Will there be a 4th DragonKeeper book? DragonKeeper is thebest book i hav ever read!

  21. Li Anne,
    Sorry, I have no plans to write a 4th book in the series. Glad you enjoyed Dragon Keeper.

  22. couldn’t you write a fourth book it was so exciting but i couldn’t get it out of my mind that there won’t be a fourth book
    i want to know wat happened to Danzi properly….

  23. I LOVE the DragonKeeper series and i have just got the last book Dragon Moon. I havnt Finished reading it yet but i am already excited. My fav chracter is Lui Che (the emproer). Thanks Carole for writing such a FANTASTIC series!!!!!

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