Garden of the Purple Dragon Publication Dates

I’ve been getting some emails from readers outside Australia who want to know when Garden of the Purple Dragon will be available overseas.

So far the UK, USA and Swedish puplishers have signed up to publish it. It will be released in February in UK. In USA it will be out in spring 2007. I haven’t had a date from the Swedish publisher yet.

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  1. HI!
    As the Swedish translator of this wonderful book, I can tell you that in late April, it was at the stage of being proof-read. So it’s well on it’s way to being published here too, though I have no exact dates.

    All the best!


  2. Thanks Leo.
    Are you writing a fictional book on dragons or non-fiction?
    Thanks for mentioning my books in it.

  3. Sorry JT,
    There’s nothing I can do about that. The publishers have their own reasons for why books are published at particular times. Hope you can hang on.

  4. hi carole i am not a writer but i really enjoy reading your book. I am starting to read The purple dragon. I think Kai is adorable but still mischief .

    p.s When will u publish the third series in Australia

    p.p.s How did u think of a charater like Kai

  5. Dianne,
    glad you enjoyed reading Garden of the Purple Dragon. Kai’s personality was inspired by a very naughty dog I once had.
    The third Dragonkeeper book will be out in Australia in 2007, I’m not exactly sure when yet as I haven’t finished writing it.

  6. But how hard is it to translate English AU to English USA?
    or is it more than that?

  7. Hi JT,

    I’m really pleased you like Dragonkeeper and you are so keen to read the sequel. The delays in publishing a book are often about giving the book the best shot in the market, or in other words helping the book to find the maximum number of readers so they too can enjoy it. A book needs the right cover and format for a particular place. We publish in paperback usually, while hardbacks are much more common in the USA. There is also a sales cycle that needs to be followed so everybody has a chance to release the book at the same time in a country. There are also issues about when in the year is the right time for a particluar sort of book to be released. It’s a bit of a juggle and our arrangement with the US publisher allows them latitude for them to do their best by the book – and I’m sure they want it out earlier rather than later. (I’ll see it they have set a date as yet.) If you can’t wait for the US edition, you could explore purchasing the Australian edition from an Australian online bookshop.

  8. hi carole i really liked the way you ended the book in the garden of the purple dragon i hope to see the third book on the shelf next year

  9. is there going to be a 3rd book after garden of the purple dragon if so when will it be published in melbourne.

  10. Martin,
    This isn’t a live link, I just check for comments every couple of days. Look, I really appreciate your interest in my books but I don’t like mentioning any of the plots, I like it all to be a surprise. All I can tell you is that Garden of PD is about Ping raising Kai. Okay?

  11. hey!
    well i just finished reading the garden of the purple dragon! i loved it i read it in a few days. it took me forever to find it, as i didnt no there was a sequal.
    can you tell me when the third book will be out, im dying to know!

    i love your books, there awsome!

  12. Hey Carole,
    I was wondering about if Garden of the PD and Dragoin moon will be out in Canada, would you know if they would be a the “Chapters” store the first book was really amazing and I would really like to read the second one. Who did you base the character Hua on?

  13. Benjamin,
    Garden of the Purple Dragon is out now in Canada. Dragon Moon will be out in about May next year. I’m afraid i don’t know which book shops it will be in. It should be in any good book shop that has a children’s section. If they haven’t got it, they should get it in for you if you ask.
    If you want more information, you will have to email the publisher. I don’t know if you get the US or the UK version in Canada. If you have a look in Dragon Keeper, it will tell you who published it.
    Hope that helps. Let me know.

  14. Thanks Carole, I just wanted to know this because I was considering getting Dragon Moon for some good reading. By the way you first book was really amazing, I liked it all but there was one part that troubled me and that was when the Emperor went up the mountain and sacrificed the to shepard boys with him. What is the significance behind all that?

  15. i just love the Dragon Keeper books i just can’t stop to put it down i have only read the 1st one and now i have just started to read the garden of the purple dragon even though in Australia where i am i am reading it i have read the 1st chapter at the back of the other book but i can’t find anywhere where i can buy or borrow the book

  16. Ryan,
    You should be able to get the book in any bookshop. If they don’t have it you can ask them to order it in.
    Have you tried your local library? How about your school library?

  17. Oh sorry,
    what is the significance behind the shepard boys in the first book getting slaughtered by the Emperor?

  18. Benjamin,
    No one was allowed on the top of the mountain except the Emperor and the shaman. Therefore the boys had to die. I suppose the significance was that the Emperor didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. It showed how powerful people can be ruthless and self-important.

  19. Ugh, I was kind of disappointed when they did that, oh ya, I also got the Garden of the Purple Dragon Yesterday I am excited to read it. But one thing I don’t get, when I bought it, it was in the kids 9-12 section I am 14, I figured that kids that age might not understand it.

  20. Why would they put it in that section? Or was it intended for that age group? Just wondering.

  21. Benjamin,
    Ah well, that’s the way the story went.
    The books are for whoever wants to read them. I get emails from adults who have enjoyed the books and from kids too young to read it themselves who have had someone read it to them. Book shops make the decision which section to put books in. I would say 9-14 is the average age of readers.
    Hope you enjoy Garden of the PD.

  22. Hi,Carole,I just started reading DragonMoon yesterday! I’m on chapter six,New Horizons. In the end of chapter four,Leaving Yan freaked me out! [plot spoiler removed].

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