Home Again

I’ve just spent four days in Fremantle (Western Australia just in case there’s anyone from OS reading). I wasn’t quite organised enough to post while away.

The event was a WA School Librarians conference. The conference was good and it was a pleasure to meet some of the lovely librarians who do such a fantastic job of promoting reading (particularly of Australian books) to young people. They are really up with what’s available for kids to read and interested in hearing what authors have to say.
Visiting writers (myself, Michael Panckridge and Felicity Pulman) were accommodated at the Freemantle Children’s Literature Centre which is housed in what was the hospital wing of the Freemantle Prison. Definitely the most unusual accom I’ve ever had! Great to have the company of those writers. It’s not very often I get to hang out with my colleagues.

I did manage to lock myself into the Prison grounds with my taxi waiting to take me to the airport on the other side of the 40 foot walls. Fortunately a prison tour guide took pity on me and freed me!

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  1. boy, talk about weird accom. i mean, wernt you a little freaked out. did you panic with the whole ‘stuck in prison’ thing? all things considerd, i bet it was fun.

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