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I thought a blog attached to my website would make it easier for me to keep my “Latest News” up-to-date. It will also give visitors to the website an opportunity to comment. And I can talk about…well, anything!

Most importantly, I want to show the world our new puppy! Her name is Rita.


Isn’t she cute?

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  1. totally!!!
    she’s adorable did you adopt her or did you buy her from a pet shop?
    love your 1# fan Lauren

  2. Hi Lauren,
    We got her from a pet shop. She’s getting bigger now. I’ll have to put a new photo on.

  3. hi carole, this is the first time i have visited your website! i think rita is super cute!

  4. Hi! I am a 12 year old Swedish girl and I am doing a book review about your book Dragonkeeper! Just wanted to say that the book is great and your dog is so qute!!!

    How many awards have you won totally?

  5. Matilda,
    It’s great to hear from a Swedish reader. Glad you liked the books.
    Wow, nine dogs is a lot! Just one keeps me very busy. In fact she’s pestering me to take her for a walk right now.

  6. hi carole,
    your dog is really cute! I just wanted to ask if you were writing another book after garden of the purple dragon? I also don’t like it when endings leave you thinking what’s going to happen next. Hope you write another book.


  7. Bonnie,
    It is written! It will be out in April (in Aust) and is called Dragon Moon.
    Endings are hard. I have tried hard in Dragon Moon not to leave any loose ends…but there is still a little room for the reader to imagine what happens next.

  8. she is soooo cute
    whats her name?

    i own to rats i n bribane one is brown and every time i see it it remins me of ping and hau… could have even called him that..but his name is Speedy…My brother called him that….

    the other is DaFarnoe and he is white when i got them my father sagested to call Gandollf….don’t know how to spell his name…….

    please replie

  9. I have a dog he is a golden retreveir cross black labrodore he is still a pupp but he is huge

    your pupp soooo cute

  10. carol there is onley one thing i can say about Rita…
    She is
    (count ALL of the SUPERs in the world)

    At least u can have a dog. I cannot because i travel alot. who will look after the my dog when i leve Australia! and if i take them with me on the plane tey would be terrefied + have you seen those cages?They are tincy. oh and aother thing…
    … who will save them if the plane is about to crash or has crashed already!
    !!!!POOR ANIMALS!!!!

  11. Rosaria,
    Rita is a grown up 2-year-old dog now. But still cute.
    We get someone in to house sit and mind Rita if we go away.

  12. OMG!!!!!! Rita is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! She reminds me of my mom’s old dog,Yikes. He died about two years ago….. What kind of dog is she?

  13. Hi Carole!

    Rita is adorable! That photo looks so professional! 😉

    Do you have any other pets?

    By the way, I’m doing a project on you!! =]

  14. Kym,
    thanks for choosing me for your project.
    Rita is all grown up now. She is nearly three.
    We also have a very old cat called Spuddy who has just turned 17.

  15. cool! anyway 1 minute ago i just heard on the radio well they said your name! I don’t why but they just did! you should listen to 104.7 sometimes and see if they are talking about u

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