Awards for Dragonkeeper

These are the awards that Dragonkeeper has won in the last year or so:

2004 Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year (Younger Readers)

2004 Queensland Premier’s Literary Award (Best Children’s Book)

2003 Aurealis Award (Young Adult Novel) Joint Winner

Shortlisted 2004 NSW Premier’s Literary Award

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  1. congrats on all the awards. on something completly unrelated, would you mind typing up a little fact sheet about yourself. i’m doing a book review on Dragonkeeper and Garden of the Purple Dragon and i need to do a little biography on yuo so i thought i might ask about stuff like your fav. food, color… stuff like that. also, do you know any good websites with dragon pics?

  2. very nice awards, must of been a memorable experiace for you? On somthing else..

    My name is Daniel and in still in primary school.
    I read your book (Dragon Keeper) in class as it took so long i wonder how long it took you to write so much and not lose the readers interest its brilliant. The top 5 books ive ever read, i recon you are a brilliant writer. When did you think “hmm im going to write a book on dragons and a chinese girl” or did it happen completly differnt? then again i’ll be talking live to you on monday so i will be able to ask then :P. Can’t wait to buy the purple dragon, hope its as exciting as dragon keeper. How do you feel about making your book/s into a movie because id love to see dragon keeper as a movie id buy it and go to the movies to watch it. ITS BRILLIANT! Congratulations! Please replay ASAP.

  3. Daniel,
    It took me about a year to write Dragonkeeper.
    Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.
    In case I didn’t answer your question today…I first decided I wanted to write about a dragon, and then that it had to be a Chinese dragon because they are not evil.
    I’d love to make it into a movie, but I have to wait for a movie producer to say “Hey I’ve got millions of dollars. Let’s make a movie!”
    Thanks again for your kind comments.

  4. Daniel again,

    Sorry but I wasnt at school the day you had the question day, sorry.
    But im so excited a famous person has taken time out of there busy life to talk to me!
    Thanks and one more question “When you were a child did you have plans on being a book writer or did you just find a passion for writing books, obviously your VERY good at it and im a little annoyed that your not writing another book :'( I find your books very interesting and im not really a book person so you really have set the mark for other authors. You would have to be my favourite author.

  5. I loved your book Dragonkeeper and I am now reading The Garden of the Purple Dragon. Oh and in The Garden of the purple dragon, is Hua, Danzi come back to life?

  6. Daniel,
    When I was in primary school I thought I might like to write for a newspaper, but it never occurred to be that I might make up stories. What do you mean I’m not writing another book??? I have five books coming out over the next year or so, including the third Dragonkeeper. I will write as long as I can!

  7. I love Chinese dragons really much, so I tried reading the Dragonkeeper book and the “Garden of the purple dragon” book. They were so nice, i love the way you describe Kai the little cheeky dragon. I read the 2 books last year and now they were still my favourite books. I really like the Emperor in the story, he was very kind to Ping and he suit her too hihi…

  8. It would be so nice if the Dragonkeeper book could be make into a movie! That would be the best movie in the year! It is kindda sad for Ping to live the Emperor, they were great friends♥. But I know it is Ping’s duty to bring the last dragon as far away from the Emperor as possible, so that the dragon could spend his long life in freedom.

  9. An,
    I’d love to have someone make a movie of Dragonkeeper. But I have to wait for the right people to come along, who I feel I can trust to do the job well.

  10. ^_^ I wonder how you can write such a perrrfect book! You must be a brilliant author. I would like to become an author when am older, but am terrible at writing +_+ I am so going to buy the thurd book of Dragonkeeper!!! Am so excited!!!! Am a fast reader so when I read the Garden of the purple dragon book I tried to read slowy as possible cause am scared that Iam going to finish it and the story will end. I wish I could have a dragon as a friend ^^

  11. Your book Dragonkeeper is really, really good I was wondering if you could answer questions for me… What made you write Dragonkeeper? and what were the difficulties experienced when writing the book? it’s for a interview to do with your book well thanks and keep writing because I’m close to finishing Garden of the purple dragon and I think it’s fantastic so far keep up the great work:)

  12. An,
    For me to become a writer, it took lots and lots of practice. Don’t expect to write a novel first up. Start off with a short story. Keep at it!

  13. Katerina,
    I was interested in dragons and China, so I decided to write a book involving both.
    Writing Dragonkeeper wasn’t any more difficult to write than any of my other books. I don’t mean it was easy. All books are hard. The hardest thing is not getting impatient and giving up. It takes a long time to write a book. Every day you just do a tiny bit of it, then sometimes you delete it all the next morning. It’s a slow business.
    Hope that answers your questions.

  14. Khadijah,
    I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. You’ll have to wait. If I answered all the questions I get about upcoming books, there wouldn’t be any surprises.

  15. hey,
    congrats on all ur awards.I have an assignment for english, and i have to write a interview abt u. can u plz answer the following qquestions for me.
    from where did you get all the ideas to wrie diz book?
    what s the 1st step to write a book?

  16. Hi Carole!
    if some random person came up to you and said
    ‘Hey Carole, lets make a movie!!!’ would you over see the making to make sure that no important parts where taken out?
    plzzzzzz write another book!!! plzzzz!!!!!!!
    i the loved dragon keeper series!!!!!!!!!!
    yours sincerely

  17. cubs,
    I wouldn’t let ‘some random person’ make a movie of my book….it would have to be someone with lots of money, and someone I thought would do a good job of adapting the story to the screen. I would want some input, but I would hope that they would be good enough to know which bits should be left in, which bits taken out. I think I am too close to it to make those decisions.

  18. Hi, my name is Mei Mei and i am in love with the dragon keeper series. I’ve got them all. They are the best. I’ve been thinking since i’m chinese myself, i was wondering how you got all the information. There so very accurate.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mei Mei

    p.s I would love a dragon keeper movie.

  19. Mei Mei,
    Very pleased to hear that you thought the books were accurate. I try to make them as accurate as I can.
    I read history books and looked at books that had pictures of things from the Han Dynasty. You can see a list of the books I read if you click on the bibliography item on the righthand side of the webpage for each book. For example for Dragonkeeper go to
    As for a movie, see my FAQs

  20. Colleen,
    I really appreciate it that you are doing a review of my book. I am sure that your teacher wants to know what you think the themes are. There is not one answer to the question. Different people see different themes, which is why you have to come up with your own answer.
    This website explains what themes are
    According to Wikipedia the themes of Harry Potter are death, love and prejudice. I would have said one of the theme of HP was the importance of family. So you can see there are different opinions.
    I would say that you and Ping have something in common. She wasn’t confident that she could be a dragon keeper, and you are not confident about doing this project. Perhaps there’s a theme there.
    Good luck with the review.

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