Melbourne Writers Festival 2014 Appearances

It will soon be time for the Melbourne Writers Festival, and I’m very pleased to have several sessions on the program this year. One is already booked out, so if you’d like to come along it might be a good idea to book soon. School groups and individuals are welcome at all sessions except for the workshop, which is for school groups only.

I will be signing after each session, so it would be great to see some of you there.

Monday 25 August

Session title: Dragonkeeper Shadow Sister
The Dragonkeeper adventure through fourth century China continues with Shadow Sister as the young dragon Kai and teenage boy Tao confront ghosts, spiders and a murderous beast. Author Carole Wilkinson shares her secrets to creating an exciting historical fantasy stories.
Time: 11.15
Venue: ACMI The Cube
Bookings: SOLD OUT

Tuesday 26 August

Session title: Arthur’s Tale
Fifteen centuries old, the legend of Arthur Pendragon lives on debated, disputed and endlessly recast. What can writers today do with the tales of Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere and Excalibur? In Arthur’s Tale discover how new stories are spun from old gold.
I am chairing this session about how the tales of King Arthur have inspired the fabulous authors Isobelle Carmody and Cassandra Golds.
ACMI Cinema 1
Booking code 3602. Online bookings here.

Wednesday 27 August

Session title: Workshop: History with a Twist
Historical fantasy stories are history with a twist. Explore the process of creating rich and intriguing fantasy stories inspired by real historical events with Carole Wilkinson, author of the Dragonkeeper series and begin to create your own adventure.

This workshop is for school groups only.
Time: 10
Venue: ArtPlay
Bookings: Booking code 5701. Online bookings here.

Session title: Words about War
‘Truth is the first casualty of war’ so the saying goes. How do we get to the facts, separate myth from reality and tell stories that matter? Two writers, Carole Wilkinson and Nicolas Brasch, who have researched and written about World War One share their practical experience.
Time: 12.30
Venue: ACMI Cinema 1
Bookings: Booking code 3703. Online bookings here.

Thursday 28 August
Session title: Who’s Your Doctor
Doctor Who defies time, space and physical form. Myke Bartlett, Michael Pryor and Carole Wilkinson share their passion for science, space travel, fan fiction and the longest running sci-fi series of all time.
Time: 12.30
Venue: Deakin Edge
Bookings: Booking code 1803. Online bookings here.



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