Japanese Ramose

I love getting overseas editions of my books. It’s always a surprise. With the Australian editions, the publisher always sends cover roughs and I get to make comments. (They don’t always take up my suggestions!) Then, I see the final draft before it goes to press. But with foreign editions there is no consultation. One day, I go to the letterbox and there it is, finished, published, done. JapRamose

There have been a few that I didn’t like, but in most cases I have enjoyed seeing the different graphic interpretations of my stories. Yesterday, I received a copy of the  Japanese edition of Ramose, and just like the Japanese Dragonkeeper covers, I love it. I really like the manga design and the bold colours.

This is actually the third and fourth  books of the series, Ramose: Sting of the Scorpion and Ramose: Wrath of Ra together in one volume. I haven’t received the volume containing the first two books yet, so I still have that  to look forward to.

The other great thing about the Japanese editions is that each chapter has its own unique little black and white picture which is relevant to that chapter. They are lovely.

If only I could read them!




















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