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I’ve written a Prologue to the fourth Dragonkeeper book, Blood Brothers, called Leaving Home.

I was interested to read the reaction to J K Rowling’s recent comments about how Hermione should have ended up with Harry and not Ron. Firstly. No. Wrong. But also, I read some of the comments from fans. There were a number who didn’t like the fact that she had written the epilogue to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows describing the characters 19 years later, married and with children. These fans wanted to be able to imagine their own continuation of Harry’s story. Jane Austen is another famous author who wrote an epilogue at the end of her most-loved book Pride and Prejudice, describing what happened in the ensuing years, but she left plenty of room for readers to imagine the details of Lizzie and Darcy’s life together.

Personally, I like to be given the space to imagine “what happens next?” I loved doing that when I was younger (and not so young). I think it was good practice for writing my own stories when I eventually decided to become an author. So when I came to the end of the first three Dragonkeeper books, I didn’t want to tie up everything. I wanted readers to have the space to imagine their own ongoing stories.

Some readers didn’t like that. Quite a few of them. They wanted to know exactly what happened to Ping and the dragons. For ages I kept saying, “You decide.” Then last year, I wrote the Lost Letter from Ping (which is also on the Downloads page). It explains what happened to Ping. I have to admit, I did enjoy writing it. But it isn’t part of the book. Readers have the choice of whether to read it or come up with their own personal story of Ping’s life post-dragons.

Leaving Home is about Tao, the boy who is the main character from Blood Brothers (and the upcoming Shadow Sister). It’s about his life before he met Kai. It’s there if you want to read it.

Also new to the Downloads page is a sample chapter from Stagefright, my non-dragon teen novel, in case you like to test drive a book before you buy it.


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