New Dragon in Town

Melbourne is a dragon city. And Chinese New Year is when the shy Chinese dragons in Melbourne come out to play. Sadly I missed seeing our Millennium dragon in the Chinese New Year Dragon Parade last Sunday. It was just too hot for me to venture out of the house. But all was not lost. There is a new dragon in town! At Docklands there is a fabulous Chinese dragon which has been created to celebrate Chinese New Year. It doesn’t require 60 people to carry it through the sweltering streets, it is a stationary beast ten metres high at its head and 100 metres long. It is made of steel and silk. The best thing about it is that at night, it is illuminated from within.

Illuminated dragon

We went along one evening earlier this week after a hot day. We took the dog and had an ice-cream.

The dragon was made by a company called Sichuan Tianyu Cultural Transmission Company. It will be in place until 16th February and I gather it will be an annual event. The dragon’s tail is at the corner of the Bourke St extension and Harbour Esplanade and its body extends up the Esplanade. There is more information and how to get there at the Destination Docklands website.

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