Download Lost Letter from Ping

There is a new downloads page here on my website. It has desktop wallpaper, sample chapters, even a Blood Brothers crossword!

There is also a Lost Letter from Ping. This should be read in conjunction with the latest Dragonkeeper book, Blood Brothers. Everyone who has been emailing me asking what happened to Ping after the end of Dragon Moon can now read this and find out!

The Lost Letter from Ping¬†should only to be read if you’ve finished reading the Dragonkeeper trilogy!!


12 responses to “Download Lost Letter from Ping

  1. Hi this was absolutely awesome finish i am glad you wrote it i would like to know if you are going to write another dragon keeper book i know you have probably heard so many of these questions but because you have continued it i feel its needed and they are the greatest series i have ever read and i read all the time

  2. Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks! I am going to download it… I have to read it! Thankyou so much!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I just read Ping’s letter! I almost wanted to cry, it was so beautiful! Thank you so much!

  4. Last year was great with dragon keeper and in class Mrs Maslen reads the book to us and I don’t really push myself to read it I don’t really like reading it for some reason and like listening to it.

  5. Sarah,
    I’m glad you enjoyed listening to Dragonkeeper. I hope it might encourage you to try reading. There are lots of great books out there.

  6. Thank you for writing the dagon keeper trilogy because that made me start reading more your awsome books and last
    year with mrs Maslen we read the the books up to the third one.

  7. Nehal,
    Glad you liked the books. And very pleased it started you reading. You could read book 4 now. It’s called Blood Brothers. And I am currently writing book 5.

  8. Hello Carole,
    I’ve Read All Of Your Dragon Keeper Series
    Are You Going To Write A 6th Book For The Series?
    If You Do Will There Be A New Dragon Keeper?
    I’ve Very Much Enjoyed Your Series.
    My Favourite Is Probably Dragon Dawn.
    I Look Forward To Reading Your Other Series!

  9. Hi Carole,

    I’m 24 years old and when I first discovered your book was in 2004. I was only 9 at the time. 15 YEARS LATER! After all these years I wanted to read that book again for the 2nd time and rediscover the world of Dragons and adventure. Come to find out you’ve released 5 more books for the series.

    The story was fantastic and I’ll probably read it again someday or read to my own children (when I have any eventually haha) it’s so good that I never forgot all this time.
    Thank you for writing the Dragon Keeper series and this letter of closure (I missed out on this letter until after I finished the 6th book.

  10. Hi Kai,
    I’ve been a bit slack in checking for comments. (I don’t get many these days). It’s wonderful to hear that you are still thinking about my books. I hope you do get to read Dragonkeeper to your own kids one day.

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