Readers Art: New Farm SS, Qld

While I was in Brisbane a few weeks ago, I received an envelope of letters from Year 3 students at New Farm State School. Their teacher had read Dragonkeeper to them, and they had written to tell me that they enjoyed it. Some of them also drew some lovely pictures, inspired by the book. Here are some of them.


13 responses to “Readers Art: New Farm SS, Qld

  1. I loved all of the Ping stories so much that I had to borrow BLOOD BROTHERS!! from the library.Thanks for the book marks.


  2. Dear Carole Wilkinson,
    Thank you for the book mark and the letter. I am 8 years old. I have a best friend Sarah.I love your Dragon Keeper books. I have read your book Dragon Dawn.

    Love Gauravi

  3. Dear Carole Wilkinson. We got your letter and book-marks.We all like them and next time you visit Brisbane we hope you come and visit our classroom.I am addicted to your books!!!

    From April.

  4. Dear Carole Wilkinson

    Thank you for writing back to us.
    You are the absolute best at writing
    the Dragonkeeper books.

    From Rio

  5. Dear Carole Wilkinson

    Do you know the book Kumiko and the Dragon? Well I think that author loves dragons too. But YOU’RE THE BEST!!! so thank
    you for the bookmarks.

  6. Thankyou very much,for the letter and bookmarks.
    Love From:Ilia.3M.

  7. Dear Carole , I’m a big fan ,I think all of your books are Awesome. Thanks for the bookmarks! from:Sunday

    Dear carole, I have lots of your books ,I think

  8. Those books we read are great. I pushed my mum to buy me “Dragon Keeper”. I am still reading it because it certainly long. The “Dragon Keeper” books are very good and very long books.

  9. Blake, Gauravi, April, Rio, Luke, Sunday, Sarah,
    Glad the letter arrived safely.
    I know of Kumiko and the Dragon but I haven’t read it yet.

  10. Dear Carole,I am a BIG fan of yours!I love the Dragon Keeper books.Right now I’m reading Dragon Moon,It’s an AWESOME BOOK!I’d love to meet you in person one day. Your biggest fan, Emily.

  11. I loved this book and plan on buying all of the books myself!

    Clinton State School

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