White Ravens

I have discovered that my YA novel Sugar Sugar has been selected for this year’s White Ravens Catalogue. What is the White Ravens Catalogue?, I hear you ask. Well, there is an institution called the International Youth Library (IYL), a collection of books housed in the Blutenburg Castle in Munich, Germany. Each hear the IYL selects a list of “newly published books from around the world that they consider to be especially noteworthy”. That’s the White Ravens Catalogue, which is announced at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair held in Italy every year. You can see all the titles chosen from 1996–2011 at the  International Children’s Digital Library.

This year Sugar Sugar is alongside some great Australasian titles, and I am thrilled that my book is among this international list of books that are considered worthy of “worldwide attention because of their universal themes and/or their exceptional and often innovative artistic and literary style and design”.

Dragonkeeper was a White Raven in 2004.

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