Fly Catching

So getting inspiration is one thing. Having an idea, even a detailed idea is great, but then you have to write the story. There are so many things you can do to procrastinate. Here are a few I did today: Skype Lili, make an appointment at the hairdressers, chat to a friend on the way home from the gym, clean out my desk drawer, teach the dog how to catch flies, take photo of dog catching flies. Here’s a picture of Rita catching flies.

Rita is a quick learner and she takes her fly-catching duties very seriously. And when she catches them, she eats them. I think that’s a good thing as it means the flies die without the use of poison.

I have to set myself a daily word target of 1000 words, otherwise I would spend the entire day procrastinating. On a good day, ¬†with no distractions and a clear storyline in my head, I can write 1000 words in three hours. Today I started at 7.30 and didn’t finish till after three.

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  2. Dear Carole Wilkinson,
    I like your book. My class has just started to read your book dragonkeeper. when we got to the second page some of us thought, poor slave girl. It is the greatest book i’ve read so far.
    How do you know so much about the dragons in melbourne. You must of put a lot reasearch into it. I never realised there were so many dragons in melbourne. What do you do in your day? Do you have a research day, then a writing day? Or do you have half-half?
    Also i really like your dog. Is it a cocker-spaniel? As you can probably tell i am a huge fan of dogs.
    Thanks for writing that book it is awesome. I think your 5th book will be a hit.

  3. Your Dragon Keeper book is Amazing! In 5/6 we are reading your great book! we are up to around page 38. That target is better than mine, DEFFINATELY! I can’t spell deffinately!
    Rita is Amazing!

  4. Olivia,
    I do most of the research before I start writing the book. When I am actually writing, I do that in the morning. In the afternoons I answer emails and blog posts, and do any research that has come up.
    Yes I did a lot of research to find out about the Melbourne Dragons.
    Rita is a schnoodle. Half schnauzer, half poodle.

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