Visiting My Favourite Dragons

Yesterday I went to the reopening of Melbourne’s Chinese Museum, which has been closed for refurbishment for some while.

I am always happy to visit the processional dragons that live in the Museum, and now they are all housed together in the new Dragon Gallery. It was also a great opportunity to see the Millennium Dragon performing out in the street.

I was also  interested because there is a new audio visual display introducing the dragons, and I wrote the script, so I was keen to see how it turned out. It looks great and is enhanced by beautiful graphics by Neil Goodridge and archival footage of the older dragons in action.

There was also some energetic lion dancing and dragon dancing performed by the Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne. And of course lots of fireworks.

These Chinese dragons are the highlight of my Melbourne Dragons Tour.

2 responses to “Visiting My Favourite Dragons

  1. Hi Carole.Haven’t been here for sometime.just to let you know,I changed my screen name.Did you get to see the Dragon Dance??Its amazing.I live in Singapore and we get quite a lot of that(and lion dance)here.My uncle,who lives in Perth,does lion dancing alot.As for me,I just like to dance.:>

  2. Nikki,
    Yes. Our big dragon is a bit big for dancing, he just kind of lumbers down the street, but the CYLM kids did a dragon dance with their dragon, and the lion dancers were very good.

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