The Night We Made the Flag Shortlisted

I’m pleased to tell you that my picture book¬†The Night We Made the Flag: A Eureka Story, illustrated by Sebastian Ciaffaglione, has been shortlisted for the 2009 NSW Premier’s Young People’s History Prize. The judges said it was “very powerful” and that it highlights the importance of women in Australian history, which is very pleasing. They also said that Sebastian’s ¬†illustrations “magically convey the journey from dusk through the long tiring night to a mulitcoloured dawn”.

The other shortlisted books are:

  • The Lighthouse Girl by Dianne Wolfer
  • Captain Cook’s Apprentice by Anthony Hill
  • Krakatoa Lighthouse by Alan Baillie

The winner of the prize will be announced on Tues 27th October.

You can read all the Judges’ Reports here.

4 responses to “The Night We Made the Flag Shortlisted

  1. awesome:))I was jus wondering,are you coming to the writers festival in singapore?I hope so….I LOVEEE your books,especially the dragonkeeper tri.

    This has been puzzeling me ever since Ive finished dragon moon.A)why did ping marry jun?she looks better with liuche.B)did kai ever get to see danzi again?

  2. Nicole,
    No I have not been invited to the Singapore Writers Festival.
    I didn’t say Ping married Jun. It is for readers to decide what happens after the end of the book. Personally I would not want her to end up with Liu Che and anyway in history he married someone else and I didn’t want to change history.

  3. oh cool.Its a real pity you arent coming:(.what you said made alot of sense.I read it and said”so true”.Have you been to Perth?Thats where my aunt lives

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