UK Dragon Dawn

I’m pleased to announce that the UK edition of Dragon Dawn will be released on 4 June. Here is the UK cover.

Pretty cool isn’t it?

Just to remind you, Dragon Dawn is a prequel to the Dragon Keeper Trilogy. It is set 100 years before Dragon Keeper when Danzi was younger and more sprightly, and Ping wasn’t even born.

UK readers will get a bonus with this book. Also included is an A-Z of Chinese Dragons. I’m looking forward to getting my copies of the book. I haven’t seen it yet.

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  1. I haven’t blogged for a while but…
    very cool. guess what? I am making my own little episodes of this video called The Episodes Of Mister Egg. Its very funny. My dad says when I am done he mightallow me to put it on youtube!

  2. Yay not long to wait then. Im reading a lot of books at the moment but Im definitely reading this I love the series. After I read this I might read the other ones again because only read them once and I dont care if their aimed at children because their for all ages I think. oo Wonder what the ‘extra’ is!

  3. Nicole,
    I’m sure I’ve answered this question already! It is available through Bookaburra in Singapore.


    wow i guess it really does take along time for books to come out overseas…..

  5. when bookaburra came 2 my scool,I could only fing the tri.I asked bou dragon companion,they said there wasnt

  6. Nicole,
    I am sorry that is the information I have been given. Unfortunately I have no control over who sells my books.
    I will tell my Australian publisher that you have been unable to get the book in Singapore.

  7. Jessica,
    Glad to hear you are enjoying it. If you really like it, there are two more books in the series, plus this prequel.

  8. Oooh I can’t wait to get it, i only just saw that it’s going to be available soon!

  9. Did you draw the cover of that? It look totally different with the cover in Australia.

  10. I really prefer the Uk covers, i have most of the books in hard cover and they are gorgeous.

  11. Since I read the trioligy I hope that you would write another book and you did!!!!!!But sadly it is not here yet.The reason I wanted you to do so is because I did not like the ending of the trilogy. Please tell me if there will be a sequel to Dragon Keeper Trilogy.
    Thanks, William 11 ,New Mexico ,USA

  12. I have just bought one from UK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I would like to know what happened to Kai

  13. I would also like to know if you like the Dragon Dawn Yourself . Thanks…:)

  14. William,
    Thanks. Yes I like Dragon Dawn. I wrote it because people were asking for another Dragonkeeper book and I knew I couldn’t write another one about Ping. I thought it would be interesting to imagine what Danzi was like when he was younger.

  15. hey Carole, i love the trilogy i keep rereading them! i’m been hoping for another book to go with the Dragon Keeper series cuz I’m fussy about what I read and that series is perfect for me! i love your style of writing and Chinese mythology! and i have a question, when does Dragon Dawn come out to Canada or the U.S.? if you don’t know exactly when do you have an estimate?

  16. Carole, its a shame that your book won’t be published in the U.S., many people love the series.
    Is Disney Hyperion the only U.S. publisher you are in contact with? Maybe another Publishing company will accept it, don’t give up. It sounds like a great book, and if they don’t publish it, it’s their loss, i guess I’ll have to go to the U.K. or Australia to get a copy lol:P
    :] Randy

  17. and i was wondering if there is any way to order a copy from the U.K. or even Australia? if so could you give me details -if you can- ? and would a copy from austalia cost more to order to Canada? cuz i like the australia cover better

  18. Randy,
    You can buy the UK edition from an online bookshop such as Abebooks UK or Amazon UK. Or you can buy the Australian edition from the blackdog books website
    I don’t know about costs, you’ll have to compare. I write the books, I’m not involved with marketing them, that’s someone else’s job! Generally books are more expensive here in Australia. The Australian one has been out for a year, though, you might get a secondhand copy online.

  19. Hi Carole,

    I am in Thailand so which edition will be shipped to Thailand for Dragon Dawn? I hope it is the UK version.
    Thank you for writing wonderful books.

    Please reply,

  20. Kanin,
    If there is a bookseller who imports my books to Thailand, it will be his or her decision which one is imported. I don’t have any control over what people import, I’m afraid.
    You could order the UK version on the internet if you wanted that edition. Thanks for your interest in my books.

  21. hi carole,
    I’m in canada and i was wondering when dragon dawn is coming to canada because i love this series and i want to find out what happens to jun and ping.

  22. Mason,
    I am going to disappoint you twice. Firstly, it isn’t going to be published in Canada as the US publishers of the series are not publishing it. Sorry, I don’t decide these things.
    Secondly it is not the 4th book in the series. It is set 100 years before Dragonkeeper, long before Ping and Jun were born.
    If you want to read it, the only thing I can suggest is that you buy the UK or Australian editions online.

  23. That makes my very sad… I live in the USA and when I saw that there was a new book by you in the dragonkeeper series i was very happy. Now that i kno it will not b available in my country im very sad… :'( hopefully the publishers will change their minds because you are an awesome writer.

  24. I read this book not long ago and it is the best book i have ever read! I would like to know if you have written any more books like that.

  25. I’m a HUGE fan of these books like HUUUGE fan. when I first heard that there was a fourth book (last week) I WAS LIKe OH MY LORD OH MY LORD!!!! I thought it would be ping older and Kai missing her or needing her for something. I was so sad when Ping had to leave Kai. But a prequel all about Danzi. OUUU MAN am IIIII EXCITED. My boyfriend ordered all the books for me he laughed when he saw the age group and I was like BAH AGE IS NOTHING THESE BOOKS ARE FE NOMINAL.
    you say flesh a lot in the books, you could say ; they scratched her skin or I dunno. I’m not the author you are :3. not criticizing I love the books. I hate reading but I ALWAYS read these books. actually I think its the only series I do read. I love to read it over and over again. Its the perfect read where I don’t get stressed out because the characters are stupid xD everything that goes wrong always goes right and Its amazing. I love dragins I love the story. every book has a twist that makes my Jaw drop or I giggle out of excitement. THANK YOU FOR BEING AWSOME! DFTBA

  26. Scarlett,
    Sorry about the slow reply. Glad you liked the books so much.
    Skin is just the thin top layer of our bodies. Flesh includes muscle and fat etc. I don’t have a problem with the word.

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