Photo Shoot

Yesterday we had a photo shoot in the lounge room. My daughter Lili and I both needed new author shots. When authors get invited to speak at festivals etc, the organisers usually like you to send them a photo for their brochure. You have to have a reasonably recent photo, otherwise when you arrive they say, “Oh, are you Carole Wilkinson? I was expecting someone younger!”

Anyway, my husband, John, has endless patience and took lots of photos of Lili, but was then a bit bored by the whole thing when it got to my turn. It should have been the other way around, as she is very photogenic and I’m not. 

Here are my favourites.

12 responses to “Photo Shoot

  1. wow your both so pretty, lili has such beautiful hair. i wish i could be an author one day

  2. Dear Carole,

    I’m Chloe Lim I am eleven years old, and I live in Malaysia.I love you books, I’ve read all your Dragon Keeper series, I stayed up till 3o clock in the night just to finish it, I once hated reading, but your books really inspired me, now I actually want to become an author! I try to write stories but in the end, my teacher keeps telling me that I ramble on to much.I am now waiting for Dragon Dawn to air in Malaysia, Though what I really want to know is who inspired you to be an author? and Are you going to make anymore books?

    (hope you reply!)


  3. Chloe,
    I am always writing something. If you go to my Books webpage you will see the other books I have written.
    It took me a long time to decide to be an author, so there is no one person who inspired me. It was just something that was inside me.

  4. Ifeel just like you!!! I’ve always felt I should become an author because it would make me proud!!!!


  5. Jasmine,
    I don’t know which one Lili is using. Some people on her blog didn’t like the photos. I will use the middle one, I think.

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