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A while back I did a post about books that people who have enjoyed Dragonkeeper might like to read. As I mentioned at the time, I haven’t read all of them, so I can’t give an opinion about which is the best or anything like that. Recently Maddison asked me which ones weren’t scary, as she doesn’t like scary books. I couldn’t answer that either. What I suggested is that she find a website that is about books for kids.

I know of one, because this particular website is managed by my daughter Lili at the Centre for Youth Literature here in Melbourne. The site is called Inside a Dog. There you will find lists of books, reviews by young people, first chapters to try out. There is also a different writer in residence every month who posts regularly on a blog. The current writer in residence is Michael Pryor, who writes great fantasy books and is one of the creators of the Quentaris series. There is also a forum called Your Say. That is where you could make contact with other young readers who might be able to answer particular questions. Have a browse around it. I found a great list called Life After Harry which lists 100 books that Harry Potter readers might like.

Every year Inside a Dog runs teenage choice awards (the only one in Australia for teens) called the Inkys. Here are this year’s winners.

Inside a Dog is a website for teenagers, and not all books will be suitable for younger readers. In the After Harry list, titles with a Y next to them are suitable for younger readers.

Happy reading!

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  1. …………………………………wow it was published last year in aussie.Hi Carole!!!!!

  2. Olivia,
    That’s right. It’s an Australian book, so it’s published first in Australia. And then books aren’t automatically published overseas. The overseas publishers have to read the book and then decide whether they want to publish it too. Then they usually have a new cover designed, so it takes a while.

  3. Hi Carole and all of her readers!

    I am in the middle of dragon moon and am totally hooked! I love the vivid descriptions yet it is still addictive at the same time. When I’m finished dragon moon i’m going to read the triology again. How were you inspired to right such an imaganitive book?
    Love Sarah D xo

  4. Sarah,
    Thanks for those comments. I’m glad you are enjoying Dragon Moon. Most of the story just came out of my head. Though I did use the I Ching chapter as an outline of the story. Also, I am very interested in the Chinese language, and the way the same word can mean many different things. So that was an inspiration too.

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