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I haven’t mentioned this before, but black dog books have created a special “mini” website for the Dragonkeeper series. There is information about Chinese places and things that feature in Dragon Moon. You can download Dragonkeeper wallpaper for your computer or you can try and solve the puzzle that Ping has to solve in the story. Also there is an audio interview with me. Click here to visit the site.

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  1. Wow! It sure is a cool website! I love thoes wallpapers. ^U^ Ping’s so ‘ke ai’ when she was small

  2. Connor,
    The Dragon Companion will be my next book. I have already written it. At the moment I am giving my brain a rest for a week or two before I start thinking about my next novel.
    I will do a blog about it when I have decided what it will be.

  3. Hey Carole.
    I’ve finished reading Dragonkeeper and i loved every moment of it, some nights i was up until 12 o’clock reading haha. It’s the best book i’ve read ^.^
    Great website. Im probably going to download a wallpaper 😀

  4. Ahaha..! hao! *thumbs up*
    By the way, do you happen to know Ping’s real name? =]
    I read dragon keeper under my covers till the end Rauri ^x^ I just couldnt take my mind off it until i did. And i find stories much more exciting like that too!!

  5. Haha, Nah i didn’t get in trouble as they didn’t find out 😀
    Thanks for replying my comments, i think this is the first time a famous person has spoken to me ^.^

  6. you are the coolest writer ever!!!!! pleasepleasepleasepleasepleeeeeeeeeeeease send me an e-mail! and what dous that chinese character mean which you put on the cover of each of your dragonkeeper books?and same with the one at the bottom of the spine of them?i must know!also, please type down your email address because i need to send you a picture that i did of danzi and kai.thankyou! you have inspired me, and now i am teaching myself pinyin! my name in pinyin is Kong Ao nu!!!!
    xie xie!(that means thankyou in pinyin!

  7. NI HAO! NI HAO MA?i love your wallpapers!! the only problem is that i can never choosewhich one to put on!ping is sooooo hen piao liang! oh and by the way, i’ve read all of your ddragonkeeper books, TWICE!!!!!!also, me and my friend, amy are absoluetly hooked on your books! we love dragons and we’re also obsessed with china and any thing to do with it!we’re already saving our pocket money to fly there!i did some calculations and by the time we both have enough money we’ll be 13. oh well, we’renot going to stop!!!

  8. waa-! I think carol is going to take a while replying that amount of comments =D

    Tiffany? *gasps* wow, but i do like Ping better. ^^ cool… she is our big fan as well as yourself carol!

    and anita… ‘xie’ thankyou, ‘zai jian’ is goodbye =P

  9. Anita,
    The Chinese character is Hu which means protector or defender. It is supposed to be the mark made by Ping’s dragonkeeper’s seal. The one one the spine of the book is the publisher’s seal. They are black dog books and it a character that is made up of ‘black’ and ‘dog’. I don’t know what it means though.
    My email address is mail@carolewilkinson.com.au
    you can send your pictures there.

  10. hi
    i wish i was a writer because u r so cool.and im inspired by books so will you plz write another.i read them all in 13 days
    i have eread ur series 15 times and im a dragon finatic.plz write back and i want to know how you feel because i practically live on books.if there was no fantasy to escape to i probebly wouldnt live because books are my life.

    madilyn walters

  11. by the way i can only reply to ur emails on this because my computor wont send anymore
    it just recieves unless its on MSN.so do u have a hotmail address?

  12. Madi,
    I will definitely write another book, but not another dragonkeeper book.
    Wow, 15 times is a lot of reading! I read Lord of the Rings four times and thought that was pretty good.
    No I don’t have a hotmail address. Sorry.
    I removed your email address from your post for privacy. This blog program tells me the email addresses of people who post me. The posts come to my email address first when there’s a new person so I can check that it’s not spam.

  13. Sandy,
    it was all done by black dog books, so I’m afraid I can’t take credit for it.
    I did creative writing at Deakin University and at RMIT.

  14. Chris, our webmaster, mentioned that people were saying they were liking the wallpapers and the DK website. What would people like as wallpapers? Any suggestions and what would people like to see on the website?

  15. Hello Carole,
    I would like to ask u a few questions about the character profiles like ping,danzi,wang cao,liu che and diao like wat important things the character says or does or thinks about each other because im doing a assignment about your book dragon keeper. I read it already but can’t really find those answers. Thank you 🙂

    PS, I love dragon keeper.

  16. JamiO,
    Glad you liked the book.
    I think your teacher wants your opinion about the characters in the book. You have to work out what you think about their characters based on the way they act in the story. So you have to decide what sort of a person Ping is my what she does. It’s not something you’ll find written in the book. There’s no right and wrong answer, it’s all to do with what the book made you think. For instance you might say Ping starts off very timid and without any confidence, but she gets more confident as she solves the problems she faces.
    Good luck with the assignment.

  17. hi carole
    i cant believe i talked to u .omg.but if your other books are as good as dragon keeper series than youl have another copy sold.i need a good book.itt is the only thing that keeps me from blowing up from stress.books have become a big part of my life because when i get a good book i can amagine i am the main character.that is why i need books .to escape to somewhere i can be myself.i can be free.so carole please make it so u and i talk on this site regually because i feel that when i talk to u i can talk freely without having to wory wat other people think


  18. Madi,
    did you have a look at the list of books that I suggested for readers who enjoyed the Dragonkeeper series. It’s the post called Further Reading. See the list of posts at the top right of this page.

  19. tus libros son espectaculares. tienes una imaginacion y un conecimiento increible.Tus libros me atraparon y me condujeron a un mundo muy hermoso.
    los lei con tanta intriga que tarde en leer los 2 del guardian de los dragones en 7 dias.
    queria felicitarte por el mundo que creaste.Carole es un orgullo leer tus libros y saber que afuera a una escritora tan buena como vos

  20. Ramiro,
    I can’t read Spanish, but thanks to Google translator I could read your comment. I am very pleased to hear that you enjoyed my books. Thank you for your kind comments.

  21. I have a question. Will there be a welsh (cymraeg) version of dragonmoon, or the other books with ping?

  22. Welshfan,
    I don’t choose which countries my books get published in. I have to wait for overseas publishers to approach me. So if there are any Welsh publishers out there who want to publish my books in Welsh, I’d love to!

  23. hey great book, you should release new wallpapers of a 3d danzi in flight over tai-shan

    big fan

  24. is there going to be a third one i’m almost done with the second the garden of the purple dragon its good! i hope there will be a third one and fourth and so on

  25. i know there is a third one called dragon moon but is it avalible to buy i look aton of places and couldnt find it

  26. i finished the second its so good! [plot spoiler removed] i was sad so i couldnt put it down and sadly finished it

  27. Anna, Glad to hear you enjoyed Garden of the Purple Dragon. I don’t know where you live. If you are in Australia Dragon Moon should be available at all bookshops with a good children’s section. If they haven’t got it, they should get it in for you.
    If you don’t live in Australia, you will have to wait awhile until it comes out.

  28. oh i wish i could get it i hate waiting there really good! I dont live in Australia I live in Idaho

  29. thanks
    what series do you sugges i read?
    i have to have something to read while i wait although a have a new book out of a series i like but i would love if you suggested a series or book i would like!

  30. Is Dragon moon the last one? Becaus if it is I’ll be Sad. I was sad when I finished the Garden of the purple dragon and Dragon Keeper

  31. Kirsten,
    Yes, I’m afraid Dragon Moon is the last.
    The US publication date is decided by the publisher Hyperion, not by me. I don’t have any control over publication dates. Sorry.

  32. Ihope Dragon Moon ends explaining Evry thing that was left with in the end of the Garden of the purple of the Dragon.

  33. Oh I also just found your website I read Dragon Keeper a year ago. My libarien told me ther was another but I could not find till 4 days ago at a book stor It was the last one I have to say you have a lot of fans of the Dragon Keeper trilgy. I have a friend who loves drgons and she actully recomened the book to me. She would be thrilled if she knew ther was tow more.

  34. Kirsten,
    Yes I think you’ll find everything is explained in Dragon Moon. Hope you like it.
    I have another dragon book coming out in October. A dragon encyclopedia. I will be talking about it in my blog soon.

  35. I was wondering have you ever met michell Paver she another relly good auther of a serise called cronicals of aceient of acient darkness The books she has so far are Wolf Brother, Spiret Walker, Sole eater her next book is out cast it come around the same time Dragon moon comes out.Your both awsome yaya

  36. Kirsten,
    No I have not met Michelle Paver, she is a British author. She was here in Australia last year, but I didn’t meet her. Her books sound great.

  37. her books are great your books both have this felling of me wanting more and more not wan’ting it to endthey are just awsome

  38. Are you gonna write any other book not about dragons like a serise
    or like withe other animals

  39. ya I cheked the list i don’t really know any of the books but I try theme when my shcool librey opens my shcool is still under building prosses so we don’t have any play ground for six weeks and the libraey tow weeks but we have alot of extra rooms

  40. to day are libray just opend it opend earley and youre book Dragon Keeper is the main featued book It was ontop of the shelves but thy didn’t have Garden of the Purple Dragon. we even have sixth grade reading groups altho I’m in sixth grade we haven’t started yet. Lots of kids love your books
    O and I’m leranig how to do origami of a chines dragon it’s verry hard but I like it dragons are cool i’m glad I found a writer wrote about them how I love it

  41. Kirsten,
    That’s very exciting, that Dragon Keeper is featured in your library. An origami Chinese dragon sounds like fun.

  42. thers acutlley tow typs in my orgamie book thers eropeian dragon and oriental dazin was an oreatal right

  43. hi Carole,
    i’ve read all the dragonkeeper series 3 times and i’m even doing a book talk on it. it rox, u rox, evry1 rox, and i just

  44. r u gonna make a movieof the books?
    i think u should ’cause some kids may not know what kai or danzi look like.

  45. TessyGal,
    That’s pretty keen, reading them three times. I’m impressed.
    I can’t make a movie and it would cost millions of dollars. I have to wait for a movie producer who has lots of money and wants to make a movie of the book.

  46. hi cariole
    havent written in ages
    i am reading your series again and though i know everybit allready it never bores me.u have a great gift and it is so wonderful of you to share it to the world.i wish i could become a writer.my storeys just have no base or interest but i do get good grades in englesh so maybe if i can write an a-grade poem i can write an everlasting legend of a story like u.books are like an alternate reality for me.somewhere to escape to where people dont judge you because your very own story is inked into the page.reading is something that makes my life worth living and if there are always legend stories out there i will be reading.i have read the tommow series by jhon manerson and the power of one by brice courtney and your storeys are just as good or better with sadnes,happiness ansd longing all mixed in together.it makes me feel worth turning the page

    your true no.1 fan

  47. Hi Madi,
    Good to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words,I’m glad you are still enjoying my books. If you want to be a writer you must be patient. You have to keep writing and making up stories. If you wanted to be a tennis player you wouldn’t expect to be immediately good enough to play at Wimbledon. Writers have to practise and practise, just like sports people to improve your skills. Good luck with it.

  48. Hi it’s been a whil I Just started a series ther teen books about a Vampier romance. I read the first tow allredy I have the last one out left to read It just came out THe books are by by ather thats name escaps my mind but the books I’ve read are Twilight and New moon the one i havent read is Eclips but ther Awsome!!!!!!! 🙂

  49. I just can’t stop reading the vampier siers on New moon I read frome 6:00 to 4:00 in the morning and got half way through its mor than 500 pages it sooooo awsom :)!!!!

  50. HAHA i guss i have excpirenc but I finshed Eclips last night her third book, her forth ones coming next year but the aothers name was Stephenie Meyer
    I dont think ints possible for me to stay cool whil I have to wait for your book too but I’ll live at least Do have you heard of her books ther realy good evrey one I Know has them atleast the middle schoolers the udults too but not a single kid from my shcool shars tthe same paison for them like i do not even my sister and she bought the first book and got me into them I think ther better than harry potter but i never much cared for them!!:)

  51. Kirsten,
    No I haven’t read them. I’m not that keen on Vampire stories. I always have a lot of stuff to read for research for my books, so I don’t get a lot of time to read for pleasure.

  52. oh well sorry what are yore kind of books teen kids or adult do you plane to write any teen or adult or is youre pulisher onley do kids books i have a question whats the whole contract thing for big writers because thers this writer and their next dosnt realy sum up the story but she onley has a contract till the next book she says shes going to keep writing that would drive me crazy if i read her book

  53. Kirsten,
    my books so far are for kids aged up to about 14 or so, though some adults enjoy them.
    I don’t know about other writers contracts I’m afraid. It’s a private matter. Most people start out writing without a contract and trying to sell their book.

  54. oh so the publishers buy the book how much rights do they have to the book then would you have any rights to your book if they made it a movie?beacuse jk rolling stayed in the stodios and told them what to take out and what not is that just with writers like her beacuse of her books.

  55. Kirsten,
    It all depends on the contract, whether the author keeps the movie rights. I think the best thing is to choose a producer who you trust to do a good job of the movie, and let them do their job. I don’t think the author is always the best person to decide what goes and what stays, they are too close to the story.

  56. i see like not wanting to give up littel charetes so what chaeters would leave on take out if your books were made a movie

  57. Kirsten,
    I wouldn’t want to leave any of them out. That’s why I think it’s important to find other people who you trust to make those hard decisions. I’d want to discuss it of course. But this is all hypothetical at this point. I might feel completely different if it was actually happening.

  58. how do you ponounc kia name
    I thouhght that the dragon keeper could live as long as the dragon cause the guy that wasn’t fully his keeper lived a long time ithink the chaeter ithink i’d lave out would loe ma the old ladey

  59. Kirsten,
    I have been away on holiday. Even writers are allowed to have a break once in a while!
    Kai’s name rhymes with buy. Dragons live for 1000s of years. Dragonkeepers live to an old age, perhaps 120, but certainly not as long as dragons.

  60. i have a question what are your other books like
    that you made a seres and have you ever heard of the molly moon seres

  61. Kirsten,
    The only other series I have written is the Ramose series. It is set in Ancient Egypt. If you go to
    it will tell you about the first book in the series.
    No I haven’t heard of the Molly Moon series. I don’t read a lot of books by other children’s authors. I’m frightened I’ll pick up ideas without realising it, or find out they have already written something like I’m about to write.

  62. oh well do you like harry potter also today i fineshed a book the boy who spoke dog also thers the boy who came from sea the sequal to it I haven’t found any librays that have it

  63. hi its after chistmas and alote closer to the end of the shcool year then I’ll be in middle shcool 7th grade eeeeek! but that also means I’ll be able to get more of the teen books I like I just fineshed a book seris by scott westerfeld The Ugleys,Pretties,and spicals there amazing also the months are growing closer when dragon moon comes out in the Usa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  64. they are but his next book has a charter chang and time i hear alot of peole don’t like it
    I’v read the first couple of chapters Ididn’t like it very much Extras. So Iwas just curious when is your birthday and do you know the time diference betwen where you live and were I live in Tucson Arizona 🙂

  65. Kirsten,
    I don’t know which time zone Tucson is in, but the West coast of USA is 19 hours behind Melbourne, and the East coast is 16 hours behind. My daughter’s name is Lili, but I think I’ll keep my birthday to myself!

  66. Kiitt,
    I guess no one has an opinion!!!
    Actually if you scroll back through my Dragon Keeper posts, you’ll see people’s comments.

  67. Awesome site! do you know if there’s a way for me to download “Dragon Moon” off the internet? if you did it would help me so much! you are a really great author Carole! Keep writing great books!
    Love from Lee

  68. Lee,
    No, sorry.
    There is an audiobook version available from Louis Braille Audio.
    I’m assuming you don’t mean a free download of the text. If there were those I’d have to give up writing and get another job!

  69. Hi carole, i chose to do your book for one of my English assihgnments,caus i luv it and i was wondering if there was any pictures of ping or long danzi i could use. I cant find any on the net. Also i wanted to find more information on the characters like master Lan and the herbalist.

  70. what does little box called “website” mean? sorry if i spelt my email adress wrong. its like 2 in the morning.

  71. Ella,
    thanks for choosing my book for your assignment. I’m glad you like the book.
    There are no pictures of Ping or Danzi. Only in my head and in the heads of readers. That’s how novels work. No pictures. Also there is no more info about Lan and Wang Cao. Just what is in the book.
    Try doing a Google search for “Han dynasty” servant and click on images. You might find a picture of a statue like the one used for the cover.
    If you go to my Dragonkeeper page and look at the covers for the overseas editions, you can see how other people have imagined what Ping looks like. Click on the little pictures and they will enlarge.
    Also I did a blog about a dragon painting that inspired me

  72. hey I haven’t been on in a while but I wanted advice on writing how to prolong things you see i’m writing a book it is about 35 pages so far I just wanted to know about all of it and publishing how that works

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