Atmospheric Blog Tour

  I am doing a blog tour to celebrate the release of my new book Atmospheric: the burning story of climate change. Monday 5 October            Genie in a book My 5 top tips for being sustainable Wednesday 7 October       Inside My Worlds You too can grow your own veggies and … Continued

Atmospheric Book Launch

The publication of every book is an important time, but the release of my latest book is particularly significant for me. It’s called Atmospheric: the burning story of climate change and it aims to inform young people about how we’ve mistreated our atmosphere for centuries, why that puts our climate at risk and what they (and all of … Continued

Kai’s Recipe Book

To celebrate the release of the paperback edition of Shadow Sister, I have written a new ‘story’ set in the Dragonkeeper world. As Kai has gotten older, he has developed an interest in cooking and has become a sort of gourmet dragon. Kai’s Recipe Book is his first collection of favourite dishes. You can download it here. … Continued

Carole at Melbourne Writers Festival 2015

August is one of the busiest times for writers in Melbourne. It’s the time of year when the Melbourne Writers Festival is on, and it’s when we celebrate Book Week. This year I have two sessions at the festival. I’m really looking forward to it. School groups and individuals can come along. It would be … Continued

Dragonkeeper Book 6

I have started writing Book 6 of the Dragonkeeper series. This book, as yet untitled, follows on after Blood Brothers and Shadow Sister, and will finish the second trilogy that features Tao as Kai’s human companion. Writing sequels is sometimes a pleasure, sometimes a pain. It’s a challenge to come up with new and, hopefully, original … Continued

National Bookshop Day 9th August

Tomorrow is National Bookshop Day. It’s a day when Australians get out and support their local bookshops, celebrating the fact we have so many terrific bookshops. The great thing about bookshops is, not only do they have all the books we want to buy, they are staffed by wonderful booksellers who know all about books and can … Continued

Pema’s Story — New Download

There is a new story from the world of Dragonkeeper available on my downloads page. It is called Pema’s Story. If you’ve been wondering what happened to Pema between the end of Blood Brothers and the beginning of Shadow Sister, now you can find out.    

Melbourne Writers Festival 2014 Appearances

It will soon be time for the Melbourne Writers Festival, and I’m very pleased to have several sessions on the program this year. One is already booked out, so if you’d like to come along it might be a good idea to book soon. School groups and individuals are welcome at all sessions except for the … Continued

The Writer

YA author, and as it happens my daughter, Lili Wilkinson has tagged me for this writers’ blog tour. She can write novels while simultaneously doing a PhD and, as she likes to say, “gestating a tiny human”. I wish I could do that. (Work on more than one thing at once, I mean.  I don’t … Continued

Japanese Ramose

I love getting overseas editions of my books. It’s always a surprise. With the Australian editions, the publisher always sends cover roughs and I get to make comments. (They don’t always take up my suggestions!) Then, I see the final draft before it goes to press. But with foreign editions there is no consultation. One … Continued