The Games: The extraordinary history of the modern Olympics

The Drum series

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Explores the exciting and sometimes funny highs and lows of the modern Olympics Find out the inside story of the modern Olympics in the Olympic year. From athletes who succeed against all odds, to drug cheats who will do anything to win.

From a runner hitching a lift in the 1904 marathon, to the spectacle we have today.

The Games is the true story, the real story. It will make you laugh and make you cry.


“This is the sort of book teachers dream of, the students may begin reluctantly, but a few sentences in and they won’t be able to put it down.”

 — Readings Children’s Newsletter, May 2004

“Everything you need to know about the modern Games but didn’t know to ask! The Games is a fascinating and easily read resource about the history of the world’s greatest sporting event…a must-read for any age especially during an Olympic year.”

 — ED Magazine, West Australian, July 2004

“… your bible to the modern Olympics.”

 — Girlfriend, July 2004