Alexander the Great: Reckless conqueror

The Drum series

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At 20, Alexander led an army of 50,000. He defeated armies five times the size of his own, leading the most dangerous charges himself.

He conquered most of the known world but left thousands of people dead or enslaved. In Persia he was known as Alexander the Accursed.

Was he a brilliant warrior or a ruthless invader?

Alexander the Great is currently out of print. It maybe available from your school or local library.


“The research is prodigious and the story set out in fine detail — there is much here to inform the adult reader, too… Wilkinson is a fine writer, clearly fascinated by the ancient world.”

 — Australian Book Review, August 2005

“Wilkinson takes the risk of following a fragmentary first person narrative by Alexander with explanatory text. It works…”

 — The Age, October 2004

“The story offers insights into a time, a people and a leader that are both vastly different from our own world and at the same time remarkably similar.”

 — Viewpoint, 2004