I’ve added a page of Frequently Asked Questions to this website. See FAQs in the menu. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to answer readers’ questions, it’s just that when I answer a comment on this blog, I do it off the top of my head and sometimes (particularly with the writers’ tips) I forget … Continued

New children’s art added

New artwork from Moreton Bay College in Queensland has been added to the art page.

Dragon Moon bibliography

Carole’s Dragon Moon bibliography is now up at the Research section. There’s also a link to it from the main Dragon Moon page.

Blog upgrade, Dragon Moon page added

Two things: I’ve just added a Dragon Moon page (and updated the menu to the left of your screen) and upgraded Carole’s blogging software. If anyone has problems adding comments or notices anything weird happening with the blog page, please email me.

New Garden cover added

The German cover for Garden of the Purple Dragon has been added to the site — you can see it here.

New children’s art added

Just a quick note to say that some artwork from Perth College in Western Australia and Castle Hill Primary School in New South Wales has been added to the website, as well as some artwork from a reader in the United States! See all of the artwork submitted to Carole at the children’s art page.

Overseas and alternate covers

Just a quick note to say that the overseas and alternate covers for Dragonkeeper, Garden of the Purple Dragon, Black Snake, Ramose: Prince in Exile, Ramose and the Tomb Robbers, Ramose: Sting of the Scorpion and Ramose: Wrath of Ra have now been added to the website.

Ta Dah!

So here is my new-look website. What do you think? I like it a lot and I’d like to thank Chris M for his design. The red dragon logo, in case anyone is wondering, is the imprint from a Chinese seal or chop. We had it made to use on the cover of Dragonkeeper (though … Continued