Readers Art

I was thrilled to get an email recently from Sally, who first read Dragonkeeper when she was in Grade 5 and then read Books 4, 5 and 6 when she discovered them while in her final year of university. She sent me a beautiful drawing she has done of a scene from Shadow Sister where … Continued

Readers’ Art

Gwenivere from Perth has sent me pictures of some of her fabulous artwork inspired by the Dragonkeeper series. Here is a lovely drawing of Danzi and Kai from the first trilogy. And this is a sculpture of Sunila, the naga from the second trilogy.    

Readers make 65 dragons

Last week I received an email from Sekolah Ciputra in Indonesia. Three Year 6 classes have been reading Dragonkeeper and this has inspired the students to make 65 papier-mâché dragons. That’s right 65! They then created a lovely park setting for them. Apparently it took them five weeks and they used 100s of newspapers, 25 litres of … Continued

Readers’ Art

Here is a drawing of a water dragon and a hypno dragon that I have received from Tayla.

Readers’ Art

This fine dragon is the first artwork I’ve received from a reader for ages. Matilda says she loves anything to do with dragons. That’s something we have in common. One thing we don’t have in common is that she can draw, and I can’t!  

Reader Creates Dragon Garden

Readers are often inspired to make drawings inspired by the books they read, but recently I got an email from a reader in New Zealand who has been inspired by Dragonkeeper to make a dragon garden in his backyard. And he sent me some photos. It looks lovely. Theo has a great collection of dragons. … Continued

Readers’ Art 2

Here is some more readers art. Great pictures of dragons. The first one is by Jecinta from Collie, WA. This one is from Willawarrin NSW.    

Readers’ Art

I have received this picture of Danzi from Tali, aged 9, who is from Israel. I love the falling leaves and the way he is looking over his shoulder.

Readers Art: New Farm SS, Qld

While I was in Brisbane a few weeks ago, I received an envelope of letters from Year 3 students at New Farm State School. Their teacher had read Dragonkeeper to them, and they had written to tell me that they enjoyed it. Some of them also drew some lovely pictures, inspired by the book. Here … Continued

Art from Molesworth Primary School

Nine pieces of art from children at Molesworth Primary School in Tasmania are now up on the readers’ art page.