My Superpower

I have a super power. It’s not superhuman strength or x-ray vision. I can’t shapeshift. But, I can find the long-lost remains of dead historical personages. I do that by writing a book about them. Ned Kelly My powers were slow to develop, Black Snake: The Daring of Ned Kelly was published back in 2002. It wasn’t … Continued

Black Snake Download Now Working

Fingers crossed the download of the Black Snake audiobook is now working properly. If you are still having issues, please let me know. Email me: To those who have had to download it via Dropbox and deal with other issues, thank you for your patience and your ongoing support of this book.

Looking for home schooling ideas for kids?

2020 was going to be a big year of celebrations marking the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook’s first sighting of Australia, but thanks to the coronavirus most of the events (including a circumnavigation of the country by a replica of Cook’s ship the Endeavour) have been cancelled. Perhaps they’ll be postponed till later. Who knows? … Continued

Accessing Black Snake for Schools

A number of schools (particularly in Queensland) have been great supporters of my book about Ned Kelly, Black Snake. And I’ve heard from some of them lately as they try to source copies of the book to arrange online classes. Hard Copy Books Firstly, there are plenty of copies in stock for those students who … Continued

Putting Australia on the Map

I’ve been so busy getting my next book ready to go to the printers, I forgot to celebrate the “book birthday” of my latest book which has been in the shops since 1 March. It’s a non-fiction book called Putting Australia on the Map. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, but no … Continued

A Dragonkeeper movie!

The question I am asked most (after “can you write another Dragonkeeper book!”) is “Why don’t you make a Dragonkeeper movie?”. I always used to say, I’m not a movie producer. It’s a very complicated job making a movie. But fortunately, an actual movie producer contacted me and he (and a million other people) are … Continued

Dymocks Bookclub

I am very pleased to be speaking at the Dymocks Camberwell’s First Tuesday Book Club in March. Also feeling privileged to be sitting alongside some wonderful authors — Aleesah Darlison, Hazel Edwards and Karen Viggers. We will be talking about our latest books, or in Hazel’s case celebrating a significant book birthday. I’ll be talking … Continued

Inheritance Launch Invitation

  Inheritance is the first novel I have written outside the Dragonkeeper world for eight or more years. It’s only my second book set in Australia. It’s also set in the present time. Mostly. Nic’s father has dumped her in the country to live with her grandfather in the “homestead that time forgot”, while he … Continued

Ten Pound Pom Launches

There are going to be two launches for my new book Ten Pound Pom! So come and help me and illustrator Liz Anelli celebrate. The first launch will be in Newcastle, NSW which is where Liz lives. I will be joining her to celebrate the release of our collaboration. Date/Time: 20 October at 6 pm Venue: Newcastle Civic Library, 15 … Continued

Ten Pound Pom Published

My latest book Ten Pound Pom was published last week! It is a non-fiction narrative of my personal migration story, illustrated by the talented Liz Anelli. My family came from Derby, England in 1963 when I was twelve years old on an assisted migrant scheme. It cost £10 for every adult, with children under 15 travelling … Continued