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Nic is left in the care of her grandfather at the remote family property that was her mother’s childhood home – a place with thirty rooms, three dogs and no mobile reception. Left to her own devices, she searches for clues about her mother – who died the day Nic was born.

But when she learns that she can slip through time, Nic discovers more than she could have imagined. The past holds a dark and shocking secret that haunts the land and the people who live there.


“This is a brave book. It is time for these actions to be discussed by the whole of Australia.”

 — Yoolongteeyt Vicki Couzens, Gunditjmara Elder

“An honourable work that helps young readers confront the wrongs of Australia’s past with honesty, humility and an open heart.”

 — Natalie Platten, Readings Doncaster