Dragon Moon

Book Three in the Dragonkeeper series

Book cover image

Ancient China. Han Dynasty. Ping and Kai have travelled far, but their journey is not yet over. Danger stalks them. Ping must find Kai a safe place. But how?

When a hidden message from Danzi makes the way clear, Ping knows that once again the journey of a thousand li begins with a single step.

Dragon Moon maybe purchased from your local bookshop. It is available as an ebook including from Booktopia.


“Carole Wilkinson’s trilogy is elevated to the rank of epic with its conclusion Dragon Moon… The simplicity of Wilkinson’s prose veils sophisticated layers of meaning that linger long after the plot is worked through and the book is set (reluctantly) down… a mystical, action-packed, evocative and engaging story that transcends the narrow limits and readership of the fantasy genre leaving the reader enriched, elevated and enchanted.”

 — Bookseller & Publisher, March 2007

“…a satisfying conclusion… a wonderfully realized setting and a soupçon of romance…”

 — VOYA, February 2008

“An enchanting conclusion to the Dragonkeeper series… ageless appeal.”

 — Judges’ comments, CBCA Awards, 2008

“witty dialogue, admirable heroine, and tense action, this is good, old-fashioned storytelling”

 — Magpies, 2007

“…an enlightening and sensitive end to the trilogy… as beautifully written as the first two novels.”

 — Readings Catalogue, April 2007

“…a fitting and thoroughly satisfying finale to the splendid Dragonkeeper trilogy”

 — Katharine England, Adelaide Advertiser, May 2007

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