Black Snake Download Now Working

Fingers crossed the download of the Black Snake audiobook is now working properly. If you are still having issues, please let me know. Email me:

To those who have had to download it via Dropbox and deal with other issues, thank you for your patience and your ongoing support of this book.

One response to “Black Snake Download Now Working

  1. Good morning Mrs. Wilkinson.
    My name is Saime Stevens from the Atherton State High School Library, Atherton, Far North Queensland.
    We are seeking an audio copy of your novel, Black Snake: The Daring of Ned Kelly, and was advised by our neighbouring school, Malanda State High School, that you may be able to help. Our Year 7’s are currently reading this for their English Unit, and we have had a few students struggling to read the paper and digital copies available at school.
    Could we ask you for some assistance in obtaining a copy we could use for these struggling students? We would most appreciate your help on this, as we have tried to purchase it on online, but have not been successful.
    Thank you kindly, Saime Stevens (40305213).

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