A Dragonkeeper movie!

The question I am asked most (after “can you write another Dragonkeeper book!”) is “Why don’t you make a Dragonkeeper movie?”. I always used to say, I’m not a movie producer. It’s a very complicated job making a movie. But fortunately, an actual movie producer contacted me and he (and a million other people) are making a Dragonkeeper movie right now!

Bill Nighy, Bill Baxter, Naomi Yang

It’s an animation, and from the few pictures I’ve seen, it’s going to be lovely. Also late last year, it was announced that British actor Bill Nighy and comedian Bill Bailey, along with Chinese actress Naomi Yang are going to be the voices of Danzi, Wang Cao and Ping! That is really exciting and I think they are perfect choices.


I’ve been told that the movie will be out in the middle of next year. I can’t wait to see it!

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  1. Hooray!! I have read all of your Dragonkeeper books and cannot wait to see the movie. Your books are not only ones we cannot put down but my granddaughter who is in college now still think about the nights we spent reading your books together. As a grandmother, it was the most wonderful time. Thank you.

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