Bronze Bird Tower Out Now!

The final book in the Dragonkeeper series is available now!

I am having a launch to celebrate the publication of Bronze Bird Tower — the last book in the 6-book series.

Everyone is welcome! All ages! There will be nibbles, wine (for over 18s), and (if the baking gods are on my side) a dragon cake.

6pm, 23 March at the lovely new Readings Kids in Melbourne. (Next door to Readings Carlton).

4 responses to “Bronze Bird Tower Out Now!

  1. I am having a lot of trouble finding any of the books after Dragon Moon in the Dragonkeeper series (Or Dragon Dawn either). I would love to read these but even though the first 3 books seem to be everywhere, the other 4 are eluding me here in America (more specifically Ohio). Do you know where I might be able to find some copies? Thanks!

  2. Hi Kyle,
    I’m afraid those books have not been published in America. I wish they had, but the US publisher didn’t want to publish them.
    I can see them all for sale on with free postage to USA. There are some very cheap 2nd hand copies of Dragon Dawn.
    I would use the US booksellers listed, rather than the Book Depository, if you can. But I don’t know any of those booksellers.
    The only online bookseller I would personally recommend is an Australian one
    But that will be much more expensive for you as books cost more in Australia and you would have to pay postage.
    Sorry I can’t help more than that, I have no control over who decides to sell my books.

  3. Hi Carole – I’m trying to purchase Bronze Bird Tower, but after being out of stock for some time, it’s now available for over $40! The previous book is selling for $14. Any idea why book six is priced so high?

    Kind regards

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